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Fish Yawning – here’s how and why it does it

even the fish yawn


Fish Yawning – here’s how and why it does it

Fish yawning: Science has stated that fish also yawn. But why do they do it? Are they tired of their habitat? Let’s find out together.

Even fish yawns: here’s how and why (Adobe Stock Photo)

If you have a fish you have at least once in your life, noticed your aquatic animal with the mouth wide open. You also wondered about themselves yawning?

Very likely, since i fish yawn even if they don’t do it the same way and for the same reason humans do. Let’s see below how and why fish yawn.

Fish yawn: here’s how and why

fish mouth open
Fish yawn: here’s how and why (Adobe Stock Photo)

First of all, it is important to understand what science says about it yawn. There are many theories about it, but the most convincing is that man and the mammal in general yawn to refresh the brain. In fact, when the body temperature rises, the brain gets fatigued and it does yawn makes it cool and makes the man more relaxed. Moreover yawn it also increases oxygen in the body and accelerates the metabolism.

Other animals such as reptiles and birds instead, yawn for aggressive behavior or to woo. But why do fish yawn?

It is certain that i fish do not yawn to cool the brain as they are cold-blooded animals, therefore their body temperature depends on the external environment and consequently their brain does not heat up. Never reasons so the fish yawns there are many, here they are below.

Cleaning the gills

Fish breathe through the gills, but not only does the water pass through the gills, many small unwanted particles also stick to them. This can clog the gills of the fish which could have serious problems.

For this reason, for clean the gills, i fishes they open their mouths (yawn) and allow water to enter and leave the body through the gills. In this way, all unwanted particles go away and i fishes they can breathe normally.

Reaction to a threat or copulation

Bacione fish
Kiss fish: the real reason for his famous kiss (Instagram screenshot)

THE fish open their mouths wide even when they have aggressive behavior towards an intruder, as they protect their territories so that they can live safely and have access to their mates to reproduce.

THE male fish in particular show this behavior to keep their territory safe for reproduction, while i female fish yawn to attract male fish by making sounds and directing them towards them.

Low oxygen environment

If you think yours fish have your mouth open and are panting and not yawning, it means that there is a lack of oxygen in the water. In fact, your aquatic animal has difficulty breathing and therefore holds it mouth open.

Usually the water becomes low in oxygen when it remains stagnant or there are many fish in the aquarium. In the latter, the oxygen level can be increased by continuously producing water currents through filters and air pumps.

When to worry about the fish yawn?

Koi fish
Koi fish (Pixabay photo)

The yawn for fish it is a normal gesture, as as we have seen it is a behavior they show when they have to protect themselves or attract their companions. But in some cases, yawn or open your mouth wide it is a signal to be kept under control.

When yours fish pants e opens his mouth and it comes to the surface, then it is telling you that it is time to change the water. Fish exhibit this behavior due to the lack of oxygen absorbed in the water and are unable to breathe properly. Less oxygen present in the water causes breathing difficulties and if nothing is done to increase the oxygen level in the water, the fish could even die.

To increase the oxygen in the water, you could change the water, install an efficient filter and air pumps and add some systems. These steps will cause your fish to breathe normally, so it won’t pant, but sbadiglierà normally.

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