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The Best Cheap Gerbil Cage – Buying Guide, Grading and Testing

Best Cheap Gerbil Cage – Gerbils are curious and very sociable small rodents, many children love them. If you want to adopt, know that the choice of their habitat is essential. Indeed, it is their place of life, it must then meet all their needs. On the market, you can find different types of cages: terrariums, those with bars, those that are made of plastic or metal… Each type has advantages and disadvantages that it is essential to know in order to be sure to make a good investment.  Check out this comprehensive article Best Cage for gerbils – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis that will give you the best advice when deciding which gerbil cage to get.

To find easily and quickly the rare pearl that will offer optimal comfort to your favorite rodents, follow the advice we offer in this guide. You can also opt for one of the models that we present in our comparison. Ferplast Karat 80 is made of glass and is equipped with a mesh structure for good ventilation. Vadigran Savic consists of a robust plastic tray bottom and its upper part is made of metal.

How to choose a good gerbil cage?

This buying guide for the best gerbil cages is intended to help you choose the ideal habitat for your little pet. You will find the best tips and common sense tips that will refine your research. The criteria to consider are type and dimensions, ease of maintenance and essential accessories.

How to choose a good gerbil cage

Purchase guide

Types and dimensions

How to buy a gerbil cage better value for money? Indeed, with the different types available on the market, finding the perfect item can be a real headache.

You can buy a cage with bars made from quality metal. However, you must respect the spacing of about 1 cm between each bar so that your gerbil can not venture outside its habitat. The biggest advantage of this type of cage is that it allows good air circulation. Wood is a material to avoid as it absorbs urine easily and retains its odor.

If you choose a terrarium or an aquarium, it must ensure good ventilation. The terrarium will allow you to see the evolution of your gerbils, but also to deposit a sufficient layer of litter. The disadvantage of the aquarium is its openness. This one is done from above. So you will have to equip it with a mesh cover to promote ventilation.

Whichever type you choose, know that it must have a length of 30 cm, a width of 45 cm and a height of 60 cm minimum for the animal to flourish. A suitable height offers the possibility of installing floors that will allow your or your gerbils to frolic.

Essential accessories

The habitat of your gerbil must be in harmony with his lifestyle, it must be well equipped so that it can enjoy maximum comfort. For this, he must have a manger. In order for it to not reverse, it must be heavy and easy to access. Also remember to put a bowl of water, a baby bottle adapted to the morphology of your pet.

The idea is to choose a model with a cabin. This element will allow your rodent to rest quietly and enjoy the world around it. You can, for example, opt for coconut, a small cozy nest or a perforated flowerpot. There are also cages that have a wheel. However, make sure it is full to avoid injury. In general, these features are displayed on a price comparator.

The ease of maintenance

Before you ask where to buy a new gerbil cage, consider an easy access habitat for easy maintenance and cleaning. It should be noted that to avoid the risk of disease, but also for the welfare of your pet, his place of life should be cleaned at least twice a week.

Favor models that have a large door, they are very convenient for daily maintenance. Those with a removable bottom are also an excellent choice. Also think about a good closure system so that the rodent can not escape.

The best Cheap Gerbils Cages of 2019

This choice is very important as it will be the dwelling place of the animal throughout his life. He must feel comfortable and the cage must meet his needs. So, how to choose the best gerbil cages of 2019? We have prepared a short list with a comparison to help you better choose from the huge range of possibilities available to you.

Recommended Products

Ferplast Karat 80

Ferplast Karat 80

Your pet needs maximum comfort to be happy, and that, Ferplast understood very quickly. If you want to buy a new cage, you can direct your choice to it. It is made of glass for its lower part and is composed of roasting at the level of the upper zone. There is nothing to fear about its solidity, it will survive several generations of gerbils or mice if you maintain it properly.

An animal like the gerbil or hamster needs to move constantly to get busy. This is the reason why the brand has decided to put different levels with scales. The shelves are not afraid of water, yet a guarantee of robustness on the part of builders.

Another great advantage of this model is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. The grid can be removed completely so that you can access all the interior. For small daily households, you can pass your hand through the doors above and at the front of the structure. The lock is good, your gerbil is not likely to escape or get lost in the night. To ensure the stability of the set, four plastic feet were included in the pack.   

It is sometimes difficult to determine where to buy the best gerbil cage given the different models on the market. And in terms of comfort, it has nothing to envy to others. She even has a cozy little nest where Mrs. Gerbil can sleep peacefully.

Good points – Ferplast Karat 80

A spacious cage:

In addition to being wide from 59.5 to 98.5 cm to choose from the range Karat, this reference has all the space it takes for your little one. Its different floors, its playground through the wheel and its small berth make it a very favorable place to live.

Convenient to clean:

To change the litter of the gerbil, you remove the grid in a single gesture and put it in the same way. The interview will then take you only a few minutes. The accessories are dismounted without difficulty.

Solid and reliable:

The glass in which the stable base is designed using 4 feet inspires safety. It is also cleaned with a few sponges.

Negative points

No tunnel:

All that is missing from this cage for its comfort is a tunnel for the animal to play and occupy his days. Otherwise, she would have been the best performer.

 Small Animal High Rise Tank Topper

With its dimensions of 19.2 x 9.8 x 11.5 inches, your pet will have all the room he needs to work out and be comfortable throughout the day and night. If your animals are small, you can place two inside. Cheap, this model Savic meets the requirements of many people who are actively looking for the best gerbil cage on the market.

To make your life easier and for the rodent to feel immediately at home, the engineers have thought of different types of facilities. Therefore, the cage can be cleaned in two or three movements, just access through a large opening on the top. It comes with several accessories, your gerbil can play and do whatever he likes as soon as you finish the installation.

It will not take you more than five minutes, at most. Among the items to be installed, there is the bottle, platforms with ladders, the game tubes and the metal bowl. The lower part is made of glass so that the litter is not thrown anywhere outside the cage.     

There are so many models on the trade that we do not know which gerbil cage to choose. For this one, the answer is all with this one. The pieces are assembled in 5 minutes.

Good points – Small Animal High Rise Tank Topper

A cage with almost complete accessories:

The creature has at its disposal a feeder, a bottle and even a tunnel as toys. She will not be bored with it. It is even possible for him to dig galleries.

Easy maintenance:

The bin below looks a little like the fridge. The upper part is removed in a jiffy and assembles immediately.

Negative points

Defective parts in certain products:

Some customers complained that the glass base was broken in places and the bottle was leaking.

Ferplast Gabry 60

If you’re looking for the best gerbil cage, you’re already on the right track looking at the details of this model. The latter has complete equipment. In the lot, you will have a trough, tubes, a ladder, and a stainless steel feeder. Your little animal will have enough to spend long hours without being bored for a single second.

Gerbils love to dig and hide, which is why Ferplast decided to opt for a large glass tray for the lower part of the cage. In this way, you can observe them very clearly. The chips in this part must be changed regularly so that everything remains clean. To ensure that periodic and daily maintenance is smooth, the brand has installed a front opening. This is very convenient because you will not need to flip the cage to get the chips out.

The weight of the set is 10.6 kg, it is heavy enough to provide good stability to the structure but light enough to move the cage from one room to another without risking to sprain. It is ideal for one animal, but it is possible to place two, a male and a female, for example.   

To see the quality of the product, Ferplast could well become the best brand of gerbil cages of the year. Its finishes appeal to the majority and it is not the place that is missing.

Good points – Ferplast Gabry 60

Quality at the rendezvous:

Of all the cages of this classification, this one seems the best finished and the most solid. The contours of the glass base as well as the accessories like the feeder are in stainless steel. This alloy resists moisture and deformation over a long period. Its weight of 10.6 kg testifies that.

A large cage:

Because of its length, it surpasses most models of this comparator. Your animal inside will frolic, play in its tunnel, dig and have all the room it needs to eat.

Negative points

Difficult access to the interior:

An opening from the top would have been more appropriate and would have facilitated access to the inside of the cage.

Zolux Trio Rodylounge Kiwi

For rodents, this kind of installation is all they have. We must do everything to make them feel comfortable all year long. Zolux breaks standards by focusing on an original and modern design, with green as the color of choice, hence the association with the kiwi. Weighing less than 500 g, you can easily change its location at any time of the day.

To gain space, the manufacturers have decided to opt for an all-length construction. Its dimensions are 42.8 cm x 29.4 cm x 21 cm, a real small palace for a small animal. There are three compartments and you can combine each block to periodically change the appearance of the set so that the animal does not feel in an environment that does not evolve.

The transparent walls are practical, we can easily take a look at what the hamster, mouse or gerbil. In addition, it adds a touch of modernity to the decoration of a child’s room. The pack includes several accessories including two feeders, an outer nest, a bottle, seven elbow tubes, two floors, two wheels, four flat caps and ten connectors. You can put three animals there, they will not feel cramped.

Many did the test and realized that this cage was very practical. We can modify the structure according to his wishes and the number of animals present.

Good points – Zolux Trio Rodylounge Kiwi

A well-studied design:

With its 3 levels with the base and its compartment to sleep, this cage has a very practical form. Outside, it does not clutter and inside, it has all the place it takes for the gerbils to go and come as they want. We can also modulate the cage according to his needs.

Attractive aesthetics:

Its unique format, its transparent walls and its accessories in green make it a decorative cage for a child’s room. It is a nice specimen to contemplate.Negative pointsWeak rubber tunnels:

A client reports that her mice had eaten the rubber tips of the tubes and that it would have been better to design them out of metal.

4 Level Hamster Habitat Gerbil Cage

4 Level Hamster Habitat Gerbil Cage

With its three connected floors, your animals will have all the pleasure of enjoying a larger “home”. Its dimensions of 40 cm x 26 cm x 53 cm are sufficient for three or four rodents, mice or hamsters. You can choose the color you want, there is blue and orange.

With this model, you will not have to buy more equipment, everything is already included in the lot. There are seven hoses, three feeders, a bottle and three wheels so that little animals can stretch their legs after eating. You will not be disturbed by the noise of the wheels, they are silent. So you can install the cage in the children’s room without the risk of waking up in the middle of the night. The doors and bars are solid and do not fear the wear of time.

The installation is a bit difficult if you are not a little handyman, but can be done by one person. Just read the manual and everything will be fine, you will finish the editing in about fifteen minutes. It is the ideal product for those who have more than two gerbils, they will each have a compartment.

In the opinion of consumers, this cage is perhaps not the cheapest, but it is suitable for a family of gerbils. It has up to 3 or 4 residents.

Good points – 4 Level Hamster Habitat Gerbil Cage

Convenient for transportation:

This cage has a handle so you can easily move it empty or with your gerbils inside.

Delivered with all the necessary equipment:

This model is designed to accommodate 3 gerbils at a time or less, but in this case, it will have all the space it will need. Three feeders accompany him and three wheels.

Silent wheels:

On some models, we hear squeaks every time the mouse turns, but not on it. Humans and gerbils can then cohabit without worry day or night.

Negative points

Bars pretty thin:

If one were to compare with those of the other products on this list, the bars move a little too easily, leaving the creatures free like air at the most inopportune moment.

How to use a gerbil cage?

The gerbil belongs to the rodent family and is nice. However, it is an animal that is not used to living with humans. Thus, it is necessary to properly develop its future habitat to get closer to its original environment. This is why it is essential to have some notions to adopt such a companion.

How to use a gerbil cage

Place the cage in the right place

The animal’s habitat should be placed in a quiet, dry, ventilated area and protected from drafts and moisture. Be aware that the gerbil must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Thus, you can drop the cage in height if it is possible or on the ground. She will make it her domain, her refuge. The bottom line is that she feels comfortable there.

Fit the cage properly

It is advisable to put the floors in the habitat of the rodent. It is therefore necessary that the chosen equipment is high enough to place wooden ladders, for example, so that the gerbils can nibble and to jump and climb. For the cage bottom, it must be covered with litter, flax, hemp or corn. The essential thing is to reproduce the original conditions of the geographical environment of the animal.

Accessorize the cage for the welfare of the rodent

It goes without saying that it will feed your new companion. For that, the good idea is to place in its habitat a kind of earthenware bowl very heavy so that the animal can not return it easily. Next, you can add another small pot that you have to fill with sand for example for his toilet. Some people even have a bottle with a metal tip. The most important thing is not to put plastic elements.

Complement the cage to amuse the little beast

The gerbil is very playful. It is therefore essential to add multiple small gadgets such as a wheel with which it will be able to perform exercises necessary for its balance. However, care must be taken to buy a “full” reference, but not to bars. Also adding a sandbox could also entertain the rodent because it will love to roll in it.

Climate change

This animal is native to Mongolia. In their natural environment, the climate is remarkably dry, the day is very hot and the night very cold. So to adapt to these changes, the animal digs subterranean galleries to live in the cool. The ideal is then to reproduce these. You can design with PVC gutter ends.


Clean this article from time to time

This rodent drinks very little and therefore produces only a few drops of urine a day. As a result, you will not have to change your litter four times a week. Indeed, it will be replaced once a week at best or every two weeks. Then you have to put the cage in soapy water for at least three minutes. Choose an absorbent litter and spreading little dust.



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