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Life-Saving Considerations – Cage for Gerbils and how to Choose Them

Cage for Gerbils – When we adopt a pet, there are many needs that we must cover. Sometimes we are informed about how to do it, sometimes we need a little help. For example, how to choose a cage for gerbils? We give you some advice. Also always bear these in mind Caring For Pets – In The Most Adorable Ways when taking care of your gerbil

We must bear in mind that a cage will be the house, the home of your pet. Therefore, it is very important to acquire one that has what your pet really needs. Make an investment that then will not help because you will have to buy another is not worth it. So that you do not make mistakes, we give you some tips.

Do not make a mistake when choosing a cage for gerbils

We must understand that all pets, including gerbils, have a natural habitat. So, when we adopt one, we must make every effort to give it a place as close as possible to its natural habitat. In it, basic hygiene standards must be met and the animal must always find food and water.

Types of cage for gerbils

There are different types of cage that we can choose from. These are the most common:

cages for gerbil
  • Cage . This is the typical hamster cage with bars and a lower plastic tray. Without a doubt, it is the option that less money will cost you, but it will also be the one that generates more dirt. he thinks that gerbils, like rodents, are digging, and this type of cage allows all the substrate to go outside. On the other hand, it is possible, rather surely, to bite the bars, and it could occasional damage.
  • Aquarium . A long fish aquarium can be converted into a terrarium for gerbils. Obviously, if we do it, it will be very economical, although we can also get a second-hand one. The only thing you have to be careful with is the lid, because it must have one or several ventilation openings.
  • Terrarium . Also a terrarium of reptiles is a good choice as a cage for gerbils. Of course, it has the disadvantage of being more expensive, although if you decide for it, you will not regret it. The only disadvantage is that they are heavy and that there is difficulty in placing the sprue and feeder. For the rest, it is one of the most recommended gerbil cage options.

What things to take into account when acquiring a cage for gerbils?

Undoubtedly, when talking about important things in a cage for gerbils, the first place is occupied by space. A gerbil is moved and mischievous, so he will need space in which to move and carry out his antics. They have needs like going from one place to another, digging or running. For this, you will need space.

Before buying a cage it is very important that you decide where you are going to locate it to look for one that fits well there. It has to be a place protected from gusts of air and direct sunlight, where there is company but not much hustle and where your pet is safe from predators.

The characteristics that a good cage for hamsters and gerbils must comply with are the following:

  • Solid floor, without bars to avoid injuries to the feet or tails of gerbils
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to clean
  • The size is very important since the animal should be able to exercise comfortably so that the larger the cage the more comfortable it will be. You must bear in mind that the minimum size would be 50 × 50 cm

You can find different types of cages:

Glass aquariums
These enclosures are easy to clean and disinfect , but they do not offer good ventilation, so you have to maintain proper hygiene. In them you can put a deep layer of bed so that the rodents can dig without dropping anything on the ground. The roof should be wire or strong mesh to prevent leaks. These aquariums are used mostly for dwarf hamsters; They allow a perfect vision of your pet but they do not have space to add many toys or different levels.

Wire cages
There are many models. Almost all come with a plastic floor that separates to facilitate cleaning and prevents sawdust from the bed falling out of the cage.

Some have two or three levels that greatly expand the possibilities of exercise without taking up more space on the table. It is very important to verify that the distance between bars is adequate for the species of the hamster, keep in mind that if the head passes between the bars, the whole body passes too.

The cages for mice are also suitable for dwarf hamsters. It is ideal that the walls have areas with horizontal bars, since they allow them to climb and make the habitat more fun. There are metal cages that have tunnels added and offer an even more enriched habitat.

Plastic cages
They have a deep removable tray as a base and the entire top is made of transparent acrylic. They have the same advantages and disadvantages as crystal aquariums but they are lighter, cheaper and children can help with their cleaning. Periodically check that hamsters do not drill where they can escape with their strong teeth.

Plastic Modules
Modular cage systems allow you to create great labyrinths of tunnels with multiple rooms that hamsters can use in different ways.

This is the type of habitat that most resembles natural burrows. In general, they are small, only suitable for dwarf hamsters. The ventilation is not optimal and the cleaning is quite cumbersome, but if you are willing to take the job, the result is a very fun habitat. There are parts of these complexes that are not accessible when you want to catch your little friend.

When you think about where to put the cage, always keep in mind that it has to be a well ventilated place, that is not directly exposed to the sun’s rays and is a quiet place, that offers your pet protection and a haven of tranquility to rest and do gerbil things. Do you already have it? Perfect, we continue …

Give your gerbils a big house with the space they need

The dimensions of the cage for your gerbil is a very important factor, which determines and determines to a great extent the degree of happiness of your pet.

It is not that gerbils are large rodents, but their space needs compared to, for example, hamsters is much greater, because they are much more dynamic, vibrant and active .

What does this mean ?, we will have to consider buying a cage of a sufficient size, in which our pet can live at ease and run joyfully.

Characteristics of gerbil cages

As mentioned above, many cages for rodents can be valid to house a gerbil, but you have to take into account a series of considerations with your pet in mind:

* The floor of the cage should be solid , not grid. This will help prevent injuries to the legs of the animal

* Of course, they are very good multi-story cages, because they increase the space available for the animal. But make sure that each floor has a height greater than about 13 centimeters so that your jersey fits perfectly

* Eye to the separation between bars of the perimeter. If you pass the head of your gerbil through them … rest assured that it also fits the rest of your little body!

Here we leave you with several economic, spacious and very functional models that meet our requirements

Terrariums for gerbils

Another very suitable option to host some gerbils is a terrarium. The investment may be a little higher … but surely not regret! … Very easy to clean and plenty of space for your little animals … and those are just some of its advantages.

Here we leave you the best offers of suitable terrariums for gerbils that we have selected for you at a very reasonable price

Fish tanks for gerbils? – Cage for homemade gerbil

Well yes, it may sound a little weird, but it is also possible to re-condition an aquarium for gerbils and make a kind of homemade cage. The advantage is that they are very easy to clean and being watertight they prevent the substrate from going outside.

Now, we will have to make some modifications to install the feeder, drinker, and accessories for our gerbil. And there is the roof theme … you will have to mount protection so that the animal will not escape

If a gerbil does not have enough space to develop, it can suffer several problems, such as:

  • Compulsive behaviors such as a repetitive scratching of walls, compulsively scratching corners, obsession with gnawing the terrarium or cage, or an excessive interest in hygiene that could cause problems in the skin, tail, and legs.
  • Social instability. You already know that gerbils should live in communes because being alone pushes them to depressions and behavioral problems. If there is not enough space in the cage for everyone, it is possible that they start fighting to gain territory.
  • Depression and stress. If gerbils do not have enough space to move, they could be unhappy or even depressed. It could begin without wanting to eat a lot, sleeping little, and end up becoming irritable and less docile.
  • Cannibalism. If your gerbils have had babies, they may resort to cannibalism to have more space if there is not enough for everyone.

These have been our tips for you to choose the best cage for gerbils and get so your pets are happy and have everything you need.



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