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Post-lethargy anorexia in the turtle: causes and therapy

post hibernation anorexia in the turtle


Post-lethargy anorexia in the turtle: causes and therapy

Upon their awakening, turtles can present some pathologies. Let’s see together what may be the causes and remedies of post-lethargy anorexia in the turtle.

post hibernation anorexia in the turtle
Post-lethargy anorexia in the turtle: causes and therapy (photo Pixabay)

anorexia it is not a real pathology, but it is a discomfort that can present turtle when he wakes up from hibernation. Of course, this animal resumes feeding about a week after its awakening.

In case the temperatures are perfect and the turtle does not eat for much longer, it means that the animal is anorexic. Let’s see what can be the causes of this problem and what to do about it.

Turtle anorexia: causes

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If your turtle friend refuses to eat a week after waking up from her lethargy, it means there is some problem. The causes of anorexia in the reptile they can be many, including diseases born during the lethargy, such as:

  • Cold injuries (eye or brain)
  • Respiratory infections
  • Necrotic stomatitis

Bad causes of this disorder can also be linked to diseases or malnutrition before the turtle went into hibernation. Furthermore, even bad environmental conditions during hibernation, a very long hibernation or low temperature when the turtle wakes up can cause anorexia in the animal.

Turtle anorexia: diagnosis and therapy

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If your turtle does not feed, it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian to make a correct diagnosis, given that causes of anorexia they can be many. The specialist will first inquire about the conditions of the turtle before, during and after hibernation.

He will carry out an accurate visit, will carry out every type of exam to highlight any respiratory diseases or mouth infections. In addition, he may also perform blood tests, which will then be repeated to keep the disease under control.


The first thing to do is rehydrate the kidneys of the turtle, by administering liquids both through injections and through the animal’s mouth. The moment the turtle has rehydrated, it can be fed, via a gastric probe, if it cannot manage on its own.

At the same time, the diseases they caused are also treated anorexia in turtle and the environmental conditions suitable for the animal are offered. We remind you that the cures anorexia in turtle they can last very long.

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