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Common papillon health problems: French Butterfly, Papillon breed, description


Common papillon health problems: French Butterfly, Papillon breed, description

Common papillon health problems: French Butterfly, Papillon breed, descriptionThe dog got its unusual name Papillon thanks to its ears, which look like butterfly wings. Continental Toy Spaniel, or Papillon (Papillon) – a decorative breed of dog that was bred in France. The literal translation from French papillon is a butterfly. According to the official version, these miniature cute dogs were originally descended from miniature spaniels living in Italy and Spain. It is also known that the butterfly dog ​​was very popular in France, and many monarchs kept them in their apartments. The French ruler Henry III contained a decorative doggie of this breed in elegant conditions and spent large sums for its maintenance, taken from the state treasury.

The unusual name Papillon dog received thanks to its ears, similar to the wings of a butterfly.

Breed description

The breed of dogs Papillon has a harmonious physique, a sufficiently developed muscles and strong joints. Height is about 28 cm, both in males and females. The weight of mini papilions is about 2 kg, and standard – 5 kg.

The head of the papilions is proportional to the body, the muzzle is pretty, shorter than the frontal part. The forehead is slightly convex, and the transition to the back of the nose is not sharp and almost invisible. The lips are thin and tight to the jaw, completely hide the teeth and tongue. The nose is small, the look is expressive. The eyes are almond-shaped, the color is saturated brown.

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Papillon hair is shiny and slightly wavy. Dogs have no undercoat. Color in dogs of this breed is distinguished by the presence of marks. They can be of any color. The most common color is tricolor, including white, black and reddish color.

Papillon dog (video)

Character papilonov

Papillon dogs are very dedicated to the owner and are quite dependent on him. They are ready to literally follow their master on the heels, and the dogs endure loneliness very painfully. Papillons have unlimited energy and are always ready for long walks and fun games in the fresh air. Being in a city apartment for a long time, papillons can be under stress, and therefore they need to be played with so that they can throw out the accumulated energy.

Continental Toy Spaniel, or Papillon (Papillon) – a decorative breed of dog that was bred in France

Papillons are almost always in excellent mood and very friendly to others. They love to attract increased attention to their persona and enjoy performing funny tricks with which they can be easily taught. Papillons are very loving and kindhearted and always ready to support or cheer their master in difficult times. They easily catch the mood of others and love children very much. Well treated and get along with other pets that live with them in the same house.

The nature of the dogs of this breed is very friendly and optimistic, but, like any other animal, the dog sometimes likes to be alone. Being in a bad mood, the dog can quietly retire to another room, making it clear that he wants to relax in splendid isolation.

Papillons have an outstanding mind, excellent memory and learning. Some tricks of the dog of this breed are trained independently, without the participation of the owner. Papillons are ideal for keeping in a city apartment and are recommended as the first pet for school-age children and owners who can not devote a large amount of time to training and training dogs.

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Papillons are almost always in excellent mood and very friendly to others

Some owners claim that pretty Papillons are not so innocent as they might seem at first glance. They are considered aggressive and uncontrollable dogs, but this behavior is only the result of incorrect or untimely upbringing. Dogs of this breed are able to instantly switch from a fun game to an unreasonable rage, so the puppy Papillon cannot be locked up in four walls. After vaccination, the baby must be taken out for walks and introduced to other pets and people. During the games, many dogs love to slightly bite a person, but at the same time do not hurt him. Comic biting papilonov must immediately stop. Do not assume that Papillon, being a very tiny dog, can not cause serious harm. Appearance in this case is very deceptive, and papillons can pounce on a stranger for no apparent reason and bite hard.

Gallery: Papillon dog (25 photos)

Features care and maintenance papillon

Papilonov is easy to keep in the apartment, and in a country house. The dog must be equipped with a bed, otherwise he will qualify for the bed of the owner and sleep only with him. Papillons are also not demanding in care. The dogs of this breed are very clean and never allow themselves to fall out in the mud during walks.

You can train Papillon to relieve the need for a special diaper so as not to walk the dog every morning. But you can not completely deprive the dog walks. Papillon well tolerate flights and transfers to a new place, as long as the owner traveled with him. Dogs also adapt to new housing conditions rather quickly.

The beautiful shiny hair of papilions is their distinguishing feature, and according to its condition, it is possible to determine the possible presence of diseases in a pet. If the wool begins to split and loses its natural luster, then the dog can have serious health problems.

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Continental toy spaniels molted for about 2 weeks, in the fall and spring. With abundant hair loss in winter or summer, it is necessary to feed the dog with vitamin complexes and preferably take it to a veterinarian. He will advise on taking vitamins, since the complexes for puppies and adult papilions are significantly different. The excess of vitamins of a dog of a given breed is even more dangerous than their deficiency.

For adult papilions who do not participate in various exhibitions, it is recommended to periodically shorten the hair in the area between the fingers, under the tail and in the ears or completely trim it, especially in the hot season. Make the dog an unusual or standard haircut make-up artist in a special dog hair salon. Some owners prefer to shorten the papilion wool on the body, which makes the dog look like a miniature lion.

It is not advisable to bathe the dog of this breed often, since the papillon has no undercoat, and frequent contact with water can dry out the unprotected skin of the pet.

Dogs should be combed regularly, every 2-3 days. It is much easier to untangle papillon wool with the help of specialized sprays containing water and silicone. Ears and eyes should be periodically inspected and cleaned if necessary. It should be remembered that the papillon cannot be cleaned with the help of cotton buds, and for this procedure it is necessary to use a cotton swab moistened with oil. If a plaque is observed in the ear, this sign indicates that the continental toy spaniel has an infection or a metabolic disorder.

The pet’s eyes are treated in the same way, and when tearing, redness, or the absence of a characteristic luster in the papillon’s eyes, it is necessary to show the veterinarian.

Teeth should be inspected and cleaned if necessary. Appeared plaque is better to remove in a timely manner, since dogs of this breed are extremely sensitive to anesthesia, and the removal of tartar is possible only with mild anesthesia. It is most convenient to clean the papillon teeth with the help of children’s silicone nozzles that must be worn on the finger.

As the claw grows, the papillon needs to be cut with the help of the claw cutter. If the dog is walked on asphalt paths often enough, there is no need to trim the claws, as they are erased independently.

Impeccable appearance and overall condition of the pet are directly dependent on proper balanced nutrition. A continental toy-puppy puppy needs to be fed with foods that contain large amounts of calcium, as the kid’s joints are prone to injury during active play. As a rule, papillons are not prone to allergic reactions, so they can be fed with both natural food and canned and dry food. Since miniature doggies are very energetic, they must be fed frequently, but in no case should they be fed between main meals. Dogs of this breed are prone to a quick set of extra kilograms, which have a very negative impact on their health.

If the choice falls on feeding papillon dry or wet food, it is better to buy proven quality brands and, if possible, consult on nutrition with experienced breeders or a veterinarian.

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Papillon – Butterfly Dog (video)

Papillon disease

The average life span of miniature dogs is 15 years. Because of their small size, dogs are prone to viral diseases, so they need to be vaccinated every year.

Continental toy spaniels also suffer from ophthalmologic diseases, such as retinal atrophy, cataracts and entropy of the century. Atrophy may occur due to hereditary susceptibility to the disease or with trauma to the retina. In some dogs, it occurs with age, and the papilions cease to see in the dark, and sometimes completely blind.

A cataract is accompanied by injury to the lens of the eye, and if the disease begins to progress, then the dog may develop glaucoma and, as a result, a complete loss of vision. With the entropy of Papillon, there is a constant irritation of the eyelid mucosa. In this case, the dog is shown a simple operation, during which the shape of the eyelid will be corrected.

Continental toy spaniels are prone to hereditary disorders in the form of congenital dislocation of the patella and deafness. Dislocation occurs due to weakness of the ligaments. Dogs suffering from this disease are subject to frequent sprains and ligament tears, even under standard loads. Deafness can be not only hereditary, but also acquired, due to fluid entering the ears, when the ear is injured, or due to the elderly dog.

Papillons also suffer from hypoglycemia (lack or reduction of blood sugar levels).

If you need a good guard, and papillon can be like that, then when choosing, pay attention to the temperament of the puppy. He should not react to your provocations, but be restrained. It is from such a puppy that it will be possible to raise a brave dog who will become your protection.

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