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Best Cage for gerbils – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Best gerbils Cages – Gerbils are the most endearing pets, a type of rodent that many families have at home. They are very similar to hamsters, but with the difference that the former has the longest tail, similar to that of a mouse. When they live in freedom, they do so in hiding places that they dig with the aim of protecting themselves from the most extreme temperatures. Hence, if you are planning to have one of these rodents as a pet, you must know the care they require. This happens with selecting, in the first place, an appropriate cage. If you want to buy cages for gerbils, you have to know that the models are numerous. One of the most interesting is Little Friends TK51264, a two-level cage that includes accessories such as stairs, a bowl and a wheel. For its part, the model Kaytee 100079217 is multicolored and also consists of two levels.

What is the best cage for gerbils in the market?

It is of vital importance that the cage is a spacious and comfortable place, so that the small rodent sits in a real home. This will contribute, without doubt, to your well-being and happiness. Then, take a look at this guide to buy the best cage for gerbils in the market, attending to the different aspects. Check out this post as well – Life-Saving Considerations – Cage for Gerbils and how to Choose Them it will further inform you about cages for gerbils.

Shopping guide

What is the best cage for gerbils in the market

Size of the cage for gerbils

One of the first details to consider when selecting a cage for gerbils is the size of it. These rodents are active by nature, so they need a home that is spacious enough so that they can run around, rest and play broadly. In the event that they live with one or more gerbils, this need becomes more imperative.

If the problem of space is pressing, it is possible that the animal develops compulsive behaviors and that is more irascible of the account. This would mean a greater tendency to bite everything, be more prone to depression and, in the case of having a baby, could develop cannibal inclinations.

Then, the ideal is that the cage does not measure less than 40 cm in width and 25 cm in height. As for the separation of the bars, it is desirable that this does not exceed 15 mm, since they could be damaged when it comes to gnawing them.

Materials for making cage for gerbils

In this comparison of cages for gerbils, we have to refer also to the different manufacturing materials. The most common are plastic and metal and, in addition, the most recommended. Not in vain, both materials are considered hard and resistant to rodent racing, bites, etc.

Also, it is also possible to find cages for gerbils made of other materials such as glass or wood, for example. The first one is equally advisable, since, in addition, it is a material of easy cleaning. Although wooden cages look very nice, the reality is that they are not too practical nor are they so durable.

In the market it is possible to identify tupper-type cages, that is, those that are totally covered by plastic. Being totally transparent, you do not have to worry, because you’ll always have a lookout for the rodent. Of course, in general, those cages composed of bars are recommended, since ventilation is much better.

If you want to know how much a cage for gerbils costs, both the size and the materials of it are two elements that influence ostensibly.

Cage accessories

Apart from your pet having a spacious cage to run, jump and play, it is equally essential that you have different accessories at your fingertips. Some of the essentials would be the corresponding feeders and drinkers, although it would also be convenient for the cage to have stairs to save the different heights (in case there are several levels), one or several wheels, a shelter, slides, etc.

The accessories are designed not only to meet your basic needs for food and drink, but also to respond to your physical and gaming needs.

In this line, and depending on the width of the cage, it would be desirable that it had different delimited areas, so that each zone had a different objective. For example, the area to eat and drink, another to relieve yourself, another to rest, etc.

Fortunately, it is not an impossible task to identify a good and economical gerbil cage that, at the same time, incorporates the basic accessories. It consists in knowing where and how to look for it.

Ease of assembly

Finally, it is advisable that values ​​the ease of assembly and, therefore, disassembly of the cage model in question. Maybe you think that it is only necessary to mount it once, so it does not matter if it is not too simple a task. However, do not forget that the cage requires some hygiene and cleaning frequently, so it is a task that you could perform more often than you imagine.

Hence, it is convenient to make sure that the cage can be disassembled and reassembled without ending your patience. If it is a model that is not dismantled, make sure that it is easy to reach any corner of the cage, because it is the only way that cleaning is the right one.

What is the best cage for gerbils?

Gerbils are very endearing pets and can bring great happiness to any home. They are very dynamic animals, which rarely stop, so it is important that the cage is adapted to their special circumstances. If you are looking for one, we tell you about some of the best cages for gerbils of 2019 so that you can make a better purchasing decision.

Recommended Products

Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage 

Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage

Main advantage:

What stands out in this option is that it is made entirely in metal, giving it a high level of security to prevent the gerbil from escaping. In addition, it includes several accessories that will provide you with entertainment.

Main disadvantage:

This option of Litlle Friends is designed especially for the stay of a gerbil, so if you have more than one, the space may be little for a comfortable stay.

The Verdict that we passed on this one is 9.7/10.

If among your plans you are planning to buy a cage for gerbils and you still can not decide, this option has good manufacturing materials and good references in terms of its value for money. See offers of the day on Amazon



So that your gerbil can be in a comfortable environment, you should evaluate the design presented by the cage. This option offered by Little Friends has a metallic latticed structure in black, giving it a neutral appearance so it can be combined in any environment in which you decide to place it. In addition, it has a door on one of its sides so you can enter the gerbil comfortably.

In addition to this, this gerbil cage includes a high quality plastic base. giving resistance to scratches and bites, so it will not be broken by the weight of the gerbil. On the other hand, it has 4 security locks located on the sides so you can remove them and clean the area easily.

However, it should also be noted that this option includes several wooden and plastic accessories to make the stay of your gerbil comfortable and interactive.

best cage for gerbils


So that you can acquire a gerbil cage resistant to biting that may cause the small animal, you should take into account the processing materials.

One of the features that stands out in this model developed by Little Friends, is that its structure and security locks are made entirely in metal, giving resistance to bends and possible bites that can make the gerbil in your room.

In addition, it is also capable of withstanding falls, in case you get to place it in a high place, so you will not have to worry that your trellis may be damaged or lose its shape.

Additionally, the base that has this cage for gerbils is made of plastic, providing strength and longer life in comparison with other models of cages that have glass bases.


Gerbils are little animals that require enough space for them to carry out their daily activities. That is, even if they are located inside a cage that provides them with security for the imminent dangers that may be present in the home, the dimensions of the cage will help the gerbil feel comfortable. This option presented by Little Friends comes in dimensions of 51.5 x 28 x 40 centimeters, so it will be enough space for your gerbil to have an area wide enough to run, play and rest with ease.

In addition to this, this model has enough space for you to add other objects and toys so that the gerbil can interact. See offers of the day on Amazon

Kaytee 100079217

Kaytee 100079217

Gerbils are animals that provide much joy to any home, so with this cage, this will be double. And it stands out for its bright colors, making it a perfect model for those rodents whose owner is a boy or girl.

It is a cage divided into two levels that does not lack detail. It has several game tubes, platforms, a feeding dish and a water bottle, a wheel, etc. In short, all those accessories that a gerbil needs to feel at home.

With dimensions of 40.6 x 40.6 x 26 cm, it is a compact design model that will fit in any corner of the home. It has bars, while both the roof and the floor are made of resistant plastic. Likewise, all materials are characterized by being antimicrobial.

If you want to buy a gerbil cage that is fun for your pets and striking in the room, consider this Kaytee brand alternative:

Pros – Kaytee 100079217

  1. Design: This model of Kaytee has very striking colors and several tunnels so that your pet can have fun while it is inside the cage.P
  2. Setting: It has a superior opening that will allow you to caress your gerbil or hamster when climbing through one of the side tunnels.
  3. Microbes: The elements that make up this cage have a microbial treatment to minimize the risk of diseases due to lack of maintenance, although it is not advisable to delay regular cleaning.
  4. Accessories: The cage includes a dish to place the pet’s food as well as water so that it can hydrate when thirsty.

Cons: Kaytee 100079217

  1. Plastic: A detail to consider is that, except for the cage area, the accessories and tunnels are made of plastic that could be bitten by the rodent

Feplast Gabry 80

This model is not a conventional cage for a gerbil, but rather looks like a palace. The most striking is its size, it has a length of 79 cm, a height of 51.4 cm and a depth of 30.5 cm.

The cage is made of glass, a material recognized not only for its hardness, but also for facilitating cleaning. For its part, the upper structure is made of metal grid. This means that it is a product that has two floors, connected by a practical metal ladder that the rodent can raise and lower whenever he wants.

But it is not the only accessory that incorporates this model, since it also has a metal trough, a plastic drinking trough and plastic tubes to encourage your enjoyment. For its maintenance, it is as simple as separating both levels. Also, the part of the grid includes a window to facilitate daily cleaning.

If you have doubts and do not decide which cage for gerbils to buy, maybe you should check the advantages of this option:

Pros: Feplast Gabry 80

  • Size: This model has dimensions of 79 x 30.5 x 51.4 centimeters so you can have one or two gerbils without any inconvenience.
  • Design: The cage has a two-level design where the top offers space for a vertical sprue and a feeder for the pet.
  • Crystal: The lower part has glass walls where you can place sawdust and next to the tunnels, watch your gerbils play and dig.

Cons: Feplast Gabry 80

  • Price: You should know that this Feplast model is the most expensive on this list.
  • Toys: It does not include toys other than a tunnel, so you should add some so your pets do not get bored.

Arquivet Gran Canaria

Arquivet Gran Canaria

With three floors and a striking design, this model is, perhaps, the best cage for gerbils with a price-quality ratio. Moreover, it is made of a material as resistant and suitable for this type of article as plastic, which is responsible for providing the whole a great durability.

As for its dimensions, these are 53 x 40 x 26 cm, so it is a cage spacious enough for the gerbil to be comfortable. This model is available in orange, blue or pink and has a very practical handle to move from one room to another.

Another quality of interest is that it is an item with different accessories for the enjoyment of the small rodent. Thus, it consists of a rotating wheel, a slide with the shape of a transparent tube and a trough and drinking fountain. In the event that you are looking for cheap gerbil cages, you should consider this model.

This option of Arquivet could be the best cage for gerbils for 30 euros, which also makes it one of the cheapest in this list:

Pros: Arquivet Gran Canaria

  • Levels: The Arquivet option has a striking color design and three levels in total connected by tunnels.
  • Wheels: The cage has two wheels: one on the top level and one on the bottom in case you have more than one gerbil as a pet.
  • Handle: The top cover has a handle so you can easily transport the cage in case you are going to clean the room, for example.

Cons: Arquivet Gran Canaria

  • Laterals: You should know that the sides of the cage are plastic, so they can be gnawed.
  • Noise: The plastic wheels are somewhat noisy, but can be changed by metal units.



In a very compact format, this cage is presented as an extraordinary option for those who do not have much space in their home. Specifically, it has a length of 50.5 cm, a height of 32 cm and a depth of 28 cm, measures that are ideal at the same time for the welfare of the animal.

If you are wondering which is the best cage for gerbils, it is convenient that you consider this model, since it also stands out for the quality of its materials. Moreover, it is made of non-toxic polypropylene plastic and with lead-free paint, so the rodent can bite the bars without any risk.

The cage is accompanied by fun accessories that will fill the days of the mascot of happiness: tube slides, a ramp, a trough and drinking fountain, and even a small shelter for an optimal rest. It should be noted that between bars and bars there is a centimeter of separation.

VOLTREGA could be considered by several people as the best brand of cages for gerbils since their models offer entertainment, fun, and safety:

Pros: VOLTREGA J-76028

  • Design: It has a fun design for the pet and striking to the eye, as it has colored pieces within a black structure.
  • Tunnel: It has a long transparent tunnel with breathing openings so you can observe it going through it.
  • Safe: It is also noted that all the materials used in its manufacture are lead-free and the plastic is non-toxic polypropylene.

Cons: VOLTREGA J-76028

  • Drinker: Note that the drinker is not included and you will have to purchase it separately.
  • Ramp: Nor will you find a direct ramp, something that annoyed some users.

Little Friends TK51264

Little Friends TK51264

This model draws attention for its great breadth, as it has a width of 51.5 cm, a height of 40 cm and a depth of 28 cm. These measures make it, perhaps, the best cage for gerbils in the market.

But, in addition, it is an article that stands out for its design and excellent finishes, so it will fit perfectly with the decoration of any home, even the most minimalist.

The cage has two levels and includes various accessories of a very practical nature. It includes two shelves and two staircases, objects that make up an interesting multi-floor system. Also, the base of the cage is made of plastic, so that the durability is greater than if it were of another material.

So that the gerbil feels like a true home from the first day, this model is accompanied by a bowl, a wheel and a small house.

Little Friends offers you what might become the best cage for gerbils of the moment thanks to its resistant and modern design:

Pros: Little Friends TK51264

  • Design: The cage of Little Friends has dimensions of 51.5 x 28 x 40 centimeters, enough space for your gerbil to feel comfortable. In addition, it has two levels that you can explore.
  • View: The style and design of the cage allow you to observe your pet all the time and thus be attentive to any need that presents besides having fun with their behavior.
  • Materials: The cage is made of iron wires, so it is quite strong and durable. In addition, the wires have a layer of black paint to give it a more attractive appearance.
  • Base: As for the base, it has been highlighted that it is made of glass, preventing the gerbil from chewing it and damaging the cage as has happened with other plastic models.
  • Accessories: With the purchase, you will get two shelves and two ladders so that the animal can change the level and, in addition, a rotating wheel and a drinking trough for your water or food.

Cons: Little Friends TK51264

  • Noise: One of the users commented that when the animal uses the wheel, the turn is noisy and can even bother.

How to use a cage for gerbil?

Gerbils are a species from rodents. Although they are similar to hamsters, the truth is that they have certain differences in terms of the physical. On the other hand, these are usually adopted by different families and are a very adorable pet at home. In this sense, if you already have some gerbil in your home, you will need to provide all the comfort you deserve and for this the most essential thing is to have a good cage. In this way, once you have acquired the same, you must adapt it correctly so that your pet feels comfortable, therefore, we will provide you with important information about the preparation of it.

Unpack the Gage

When you receive the cage at home, the first thing you must do is unpack it to verify that everything is in order. Thus, it proceeds to remove all the packaging material available in its structure and then begin with its assembly at 100%.

It should be noted that if the model you have purchased includes some accessories, you must also unpack them and verify that they are in perfect condition and, of course, in the amount that corresponds to the manufacturer’s description.

Carry out the assembly of the cage

Now, depending on the model that you have acquired, you will have to carry out a comfortable and appropriate assembly of the cage. To do this, check the instruction manual available in the package to verify one by one the steps to follow. It also happens with the accessories. These are generally adequate to ensure the pet moments of fun and entertainment being inside the cage. Therefore, placing them in the right place will be essential.

Adjust the cage to provide comfort to the gerbil

It should be noted that you must add a suitable material inside the cage so that the gerbil can feel comfortable. This same one must be clean, with adsorbent properties and totally atoxic to avoid inconveniences with the health of the animal. That being the case, you could add coarse sawdust, crushed corn cobs or even pine wood chips in an appropriate amount.

At the time of adding the material for which you have decided you must take into account the idea of ​​forming a layer that is between 5 and 8 inches deep, so that the gerbil can fix it according to your convenience and needs once the cage lives.

Carry out proper cleaning of the cage

Taking into account the fact that gerbils are usually a very clean companion pet, it will be important that you keep the cage in good condition. To do this, you must perform a proper cleaning every so often to give the animal the comfort it needs.

According to experts, it is appropriate to clean the bed of the cage every 2 or 3 weeks making an ideal sweep to remove all the dirty material that may exist inside it. It should be noted that there are disinfectant solutions that you could use to clean not only the cage as such, but the accessories that are included with it.

In this sense, once you have done this task, it will be time to add new material to the interior of the same and then introduce the gerbil to re-adapt your bed to your convenience.



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