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Siamese cat personality: Photo, list with description, comparison


Siamese cat personality: Photo, list with description, comparison

Siamese cat personality: photo, list with description, comparison Cats are considered more restrained in showing their affection for the owner than dogs, but there are gentle breeds of cats who love to cuddle. Breed, of course, is not the only factor, but it, nevertheless, plays a certain role in the cat’s natural temperament. If you want to know about the most gentle breeds in the world of cats, you should read about them!

Siamese cat

Siamese cats – one of the most popular breeds. They are very affectionate and friendly. They love to receive the attention of their owners, especially from who they choose as their “special owner”. If you have a Siamese cat, you are provided with a super-smooth and pleasant companion.

In addition to their striking showy appearance, these cats are incredibly intelligent and curious. Siamese are famous for their independence and love for chatter. They have a reputation as troublemakers, but only because they want to tell the whole family about their affairs. Where is their favorite place? Your hands.

Keep them company, entertain them, and Siamese cats will reward you with tons of love. The love you see in their eyes is incomparable!

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Tonkin cat

The Tonkin Hat (eng. Tonkinese – tonkinesis) is a hybrid of a Siamese and Burmese cat. It is often said that they are the perfect combination. Super friendly, graceful and affectionate.

The owners of tonkinesis say that their sociable cats, if they are bored, can sometimes create problems, therefore it is better to keep two cats or other pets at home at the same time. Tonkin cats are one of the most social breeds and are good companions.

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You can’t go wrong – this crossbreed is just made for love! Sociable and affectionate, they love to sit on their knees and even on their shoulders.

British Shorthair

The list of the best cats for hugs would not be complete without the British Shorthair. This quiet happiness, clinging, will bring a lot of joy and loving hugs.

By their nature, the British are very calm, but, nevertheless, they adore the love you give them and in return love you very, very gently. British shorthair, charmingly cute and attractive creatures, as a rule, are strongly attached to their owners. How not to love them?

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats, among the largest, affectionate and pleasant breeds of cats. Looking for a big, fluffy, loving wad to snuggle up on a cold winter night? Maine Coons are known, first of all, for their size – up to 18 kilograms! – and also due to the calm, affectionate character.

They do not require much attention, but are always happy to relax on your lap while you are reading or watching TV. And, of course, there is nothing more pleasant than ironing their gorgeous long and soft wool. More fluff, more love!


You can easily guess why this breed of cats is at the top of the affectionate list. They are constantly looking for where to warm up, because they have no fur, but, at best, fluff.

And, of course, one of the warmest places in the house is your knees. In addition, bald sphinx cats are known to be rather stupid and very funny, and still love to brag. If a sphinx cat lives with you, you will undoubtedly always hug it and listen to boastful cat stories in the morning, afternoon and evening. Moreover, she will even sleep with you under the covers!

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Experts believe that sphinxes are among the most gentle and friendly domestic cats known to man.


Do you know how these big, super-cute blue-eyed cats got their name “regdol”, which means “rag doll”? Imagine that you take a doll – it just hangs gently in your hands. This cat has an amazing feature to completely relax in the hands of those whom she trusts and just hang like a fluffy rag! You can say – rag cat.

In each list of the best cats for hugs you will definitely find regdol. Affectionate, flexible and relaxed, they correspond to each synonym that describes love and comfort. Regedoli are very tolerant, they are the true favorites of the whole family and, of course, one of the most affectionate breeds of cats.


These fluffy lumps with a sad muzzle are representatives of one of the most famous cat breeds. They have excellent appearance and unique character, long hair and cute folds on the face. Persian cats are calm and friendly, gentle, obedient and affectionate.

Not surprisingly, the Persians are at the top of their popularity in the world of cats. Just give this loving cat breed a warm place to roll around and they will become your best feline friend for life.

If you are looking for a cat that will sit on your lap while watching TV or cling to you after an incendiary game of pursuit, you will definitely find a suitable pedigree sweet friend who is waiting for you! But think about the purebred cats in search of the owner – they are also ready to offer you a lot of their love!

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