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The mistress accidentally buys an extra small bed for her dog


The mistress accidentally buys an extra small bed for her dog

The mistress accidentally buys an extra small bed for her dog and he pretends that everything is okay not to disappoint her – You know how certain things work: mom buys you something to make you happy but, in the end, it turns out to be the ugly and inappropriate version of something you have long wanted.

And now, who tells you that you don’t like it? Hurting your mother’s feelings is the last thing you would like to do in this life and that is why you will implement the only possible strategy: you will pretend that you like that gift to die for! This is a bit like what happened between a dog and his human “mom”, who she showed up with a decidedly unsuitable gift for his beloved Kenny.

Kenny’s mistress had decided to gift her beloved dog a new bed. A wonderful idea, to pamper and comfort your four-legged friend. Too bad that when ordering online, Something must have gone wrong.

The woman, identified from the @paetonmathes Twitter account, accidentally bought a bed extra small!

Poor Golden Retriever did everything he could to not disappoint his mom’s expectations and curled up on the tiny bed, hoping to be quite grateful to the mistress.

The series of photos in which Kenny claims that everything is ok, although the bed barely fits as a pillow, they have gone around the web, becoming viral. The Twitter post has been shared over 60 thousand times and the appreciation reactions have reached 135 thousand.

Even Kenny teaches us that, in the end, it’s the thought that counts!

PS: Kenny then received a bed of the right size – she loves it and uses the old bed as a pillow!


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