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Best Dog Comb 2020: Buying Guide



Best Dog Comb 2020: Buying Guide

Our guide today is on an underrated accessory, which can be very useful: the dog comb. When adopting an animal one must be aware that, for its well-being, its needs to be kept in mind are based not only on its breed, but also on its size, its character and, obviously, on its type of hair.

If we have a long-haired dog, we will have to spend more time caring for it. Sometimes a brush is not enough and it is necessary to have specific products to get deep into this type of hair, including the comb for dogs, an indispensable tool for a healthy and happy animal. Find out more by reading our guide!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Dog combs are indispensable accessories for our pet as well as a tool usually used by groomers.
  • The use of a dog comb is particularly important for long-haired or curly-haired dogs that require regular care.
  • There are various types of dog combs on the market, depending on the breed and coat of our four-legged friend.
  • Various factors need to be considered when buying a dog comb, including the size of the accessory or its ergonomics.

The best dog combs on the market: our selection

There are many types of combs for dogs, some suitable for removing the dead hair of our pet at the time of moulting, but also more specific to eliminate knots or to avoid annoying summer parasites. In the following ranking we offer you our selection, with an unbeatable value for money. Let’s begin!


Brush and comb at the same time, in stainless steel, for a professional grooming of your four-legged friend. The rounded tips help avoid scratches or damage, but are effective in removing unwanted hair and knots. Produced with non-allergenic materials, it has an ergonomic handle so as not to tire the hands during its use.

Users enhance the value for money, considered as negligible compared to the result obtained. Reviewers claim that animals don’t seem to be bothered during the cleaning process. Some buyers find the product not particularly suitable for cats because of too wide teeth. However, the care of the packaging is highly appreciated.

FURminator for short hair

FURminator offers deShedding teeth in stainless steel specifically for shorthaired animals. The design is taken care of not to cause injury or scratches on the skin. The product is equipped with a button with which to expel the collected hair. The handle is ergonomic to facilitate use and handling. FURminator won the 2017/2018 brand award.

The article is reviewed as excellent by users, who appreciate its value for money and effectiveness, especially in the care of the undercoat. Most buyers say that their animals have not shown signs of irritation or malaise during use. Some reviewers consider the product to be too small, as far as they consider the material with which it is assembled of good workmanship.

FURminator for long hair

This FURterminator product is intended for large long-haired dogs and is made of stainless steel. Designed to remove long hair without damaging the animal’s skin, it is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a practical button to easily expel the hair collected during grooming.

Users enhance the effectiveness of the product in removing long hair as well as dead hair. Others, however, report that certain breeds are not really suitable for this article, however some reviewers have published photos of their dogs after the successful trial. The button for the expulsion of the collected hair is very convenient.


This Topelek signed article is useful for grooming long-haired pets. This brush is built solidly, with strong and durable materials and stainless steel blades. Teeth are designed “double-sided” for a deeper shave. Excellent for all breeds, it does not damage the skin of animals and has an ergonomic handle.

The reviews report positive opinions regarding the value for money and claim that they have not perceived any nuisance on the part of the animals. Someone does not recommend the product for dog breeds with bristly and curly hair. Shoppers with large dogs and longhair cats have expressed their approval for this item. The parcel is mentioned as well packed.


TaoTronics offers a professional 3 in 1 kit: equipped with a rotating pin, this product helps to untangle knots, reduce hair loss and remove fallen hair. The product is designed not to damage the skin of animals. The ergonomic handle at 30 degrees allows perfect adherence to the skin. The item can be returned for free in 30 days.

Users appreciate the quality of the product a lot, but consider the price a little too excessive, which however has now dropped. The materials are mentioned as good and resistant, as well as the handle. Dimensions are also judged positively. Reviewers praise the brush’s tight teeth, which lead to an excellent result.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about dog combs

Dog combs are specific items for the care of our furry friends. They are different from each other depending on their use and can be used to eliminate parasites or only to reduce the fall of the fur at the time of the moult, among other possibilities. To learn more about this type of products, we will answer below the most frequently asked questions of users who are looking for a comb for dogs.


You need to select the appropriate comb for cleaning your pet, based on its hair type.
(Source: luckybusiness: 64540533 /

What is a dog comb and what is it for?

The combs are one of the oldest tools in humanity and, in fact, the most distant was found in an excavation in northern Europe and is about 10,000 years old. It is, as is well known, a flat tool with tips made of different materials and intended for smoothing and detangling hair.

The dog was the first animal domesticated by humans, but its care was only consolidated since the twentieth century, with the birth of the dog toilet. These places are dedicated exclusively to the care of our pets with different devices and utensils, including the dog comb.

Did you know that there are about 337 dog breeds in the world, according to the International Cynological Federation (FCI)?

What are the advantages of frequent use of a dog comb?

The dog comb is an essential accessory in the care of our best friend. It is especially important for long-haired or curly dogs that require regular maintenance. Only short-haired animals can do without frequent grooming. The advantages of these tools are many, as we see below:

  • Smoothing and beauty: They smooth the hair of our pets and guarantee their beauty after swimming.
  • Elimination of knots: Untangle the knots in the dog’s fur.
  • Hair loss: Frequent combing limits hair loss.
  • Dead hair: They favor the elimination of dead hair during the moulting season, in this way you will avoid having the house full of your pet’s hair.
  • Elimination of parasites:There are new combs for dogs on the market aimed at eliminating fleas, ticks and other annoying parasites. There are also more specific ones for removing fleas and lice, with very robust teeth to perform the task at best.
  • Lubrication:Thanks to the hairstyle, your pet’s skin remains lubricated because natural fat is distributed over the entire fur.
  • Circulation: Combs, like brushes, stimulate your pet’s blood circulation.

When should the comb be used when grooming my pet?

The comb with wide and spaced teeth is essential after brushing long-haired dogs. In this way, the finer and more rebellious knots are eliminated, especially if the process is carried out every day. Remember that in winter this daily hairstyle is essential, because if the hair is very tangled they lose their protective function against the cold.

Why is it so necessary to remove the knots from my dog’s fur?

Because if the fur of the long-haired dog is full of knots, the skin does not breathe. The consequences of poor ventilation are, among others, that antiparasitic pipettes do not penetrate. However, fleas and ticks are able to go through those knots, as well as any type of dirt. Anonymous

“They can’t speak, but they know how to accompany your silence.”

When the fur of a dog is full of knots it is not possible to see the folds of the skin, therefore it is not useful to resort to tools with blades that can cause injury. The ideal, in these cases, is a comb for dogs with sufficiently wide and separated teeth to avoid damaging the skin of our animal.

Is it true that it is not necessary to comb some breeds of dogs?

No. It is a false myth. It is true that there is a tendency not to comb the hair of some breeds in a dog show, but the fur of a domestic dog must always be combed and tidy, therefore it is necessary to take care of it daily to avoid parasites and dermatological infections that are difficult to eliminate.

What types of dog combs are currently on the market?

There is a large variety of dog combs in specialty stores. It is also possible to find them online, but first you need to know their use and it is also important to use them correctly. In general, you can find the following types of dog combs, as you will see below in the table we have prepared for you:

Type of comb for dogsWhat is it for?
Metallic combIt is the most classic and also one of the most efficient. It is used to remove dead hair in dogs with long hair and the tips are usually rounded. The best are made of stainless steel.
Tear duct combThey are special combs to remove crusts and dirt around the tear ducts of dogs with long and thick hair. They are small in size and the tips are rounded to avoid injuring your pet.
Rake combIt is a special comb to remove the knots of your long-haired pet, especially during the shedding season. It has teeth facing inwards so as not to hurt the animal. It should not be used every day because it can create length imbalances in the dog’s fur. In addition, you must learn to use it before proposing it to your pet.
Flea combThey are combs with close teeth to extract fleas from your pet’s fur. They are effective, but require extensive work, in addition to a daily review with the comb.
Electric combThey are electrical devices, some with batteries or batteries, which are used to cut knots or to eliminate parasites. They are particularly useful for removing ticks, fleas and other annoying parasites from your dog’s fur.

Which dog comb should I choose to comb a short-haired dog?

Shorthaired dogs, such as Pincher or Chihuahua, do not comb their hair, brush themselves to collect dead hair and remove possible parasites. If your pet is short-haired, it is better to opt for gloves for grooming and for regular hygiene. They are the most recommended for their effectiveness and also because they do not harm the skin.

And what is the most recommended comb for long-haired dogs?

Longhaired dogs require more care and maintenance. The best thing to do first of all is to pass a brush on the hair and then proceed with a comb with teeth fairly separated from each other. In this way, the finer knots will be better disentangled. Do this every day, if possible.

Try to be careful during the process to avoid pulling and damaging the animal’s skin. If you comb your pet every day there will be no problems, even during the moulting season. Aldous HuxleyEnglish writer and philosopher.

“All men are gods for their dogs. This is why there are people who love their dogs more than men. “

How often should I use the dog comb?

If we are talking about a short-haired breed, it is recommended to use gloves once a week, at least, except in spring and autumn, in which it is recommended to use them twice a week. If we talk about dogs with long or medium hair, it is advisable to comb them every day to avoid the fearsome knots. Your dog will thank you.

What budget do I need to cover to buy a dog comb?

They are not expensive, as you can see in the ranking that we have shown you in this guide. It is possible to buy a metal comb starting from around € 5, although, if you choose this option, it is better to opt for a good material, such as stainless steel.

The most expensive, including those to eliminate parasites or untie the knots, such as the famous “Furminator”, cost over € 20.

What is the famous Furminator and why is it so well known?

Furminator is a tool created by Angie Porter that serves to relieve the hair loss of our pet. It has a stainless steel blade to remove dead hair and there are different models and sizes. Its price can reach € 30 for long-haired dogs, but there are also cheaper ones.

Its use is more recommended in dogs with medium-long hair and should be used especially in spring and autumn, when the hair of our animals falls out more frequently. It was a resounding success in the market of specific products for pets for its ease of use and effectiveness. In addition, it is made with high quality materials.

Purchase criteria

If you have come this far, you will have already understood that buying a dog comb is not as simple as it seems. In order not to make mistakes and spend more than expected, it is necessary to observe a number of aspects before taking one. The choice of this accessory must be subject to several factors, as you can see in the following list:

  • Breed and hair type
  • Dimensions of the accessory
  • Comb function
  • Solidity of materials
  • Ergonomics
  • User ratings

Breed and hair type

Make sure that the type of comb is appropriate for your pet’s breed and hair type. You cannot do the same grooming to a Chow Chow as to a German Shepherd or Malamute. If your four-legged friend is long-haired, look for the accessory that suits him and consult a groomer or veterinarian if necessary. You will not regret.

Dimensions of the accessory

It may seem like a detail, but this factor also has its importance. There are combs of different sizes, depending on the breed or physical size of your pet. Generally, they are in sizes S (small), M (medium) and L (large), unless they are unisex. Don’t overlook this detail to avoid having to buy more combs.

Comb function

You cannot use the same comb to both eliminate knots and to eliminate parasites. Each dog comb is indicated for a specific function, therefore the accessory will have various advantages. Analyze what you need before deciding to buy one for your faithful friend.

Solidity of materials

The durability of the dog comb is also a factor to consider. Choose robust and solid materials, always better if they come from a recognized brand. You can buy a comb in a supermarket or in Chinese stores, but it may not present any guarantee. Always opt for the quality of the materials so that it lasts for many years.


The word ergonomics refers to comfort when it is related to the design of a product. Choose combs with one handle, if possible, so that it is comfortable to handle during the cleaning process of your pet. Also make sure that the materials are comfortable for both you and your furry.

User ratings

Although this guide is valid, it’s not bad to have a look at the 4 and 5 star ratings of a product. Also, read the comments, you may find comments that refer to the technical characteristics of the product, which can be useful before the final purchase of an article.

There is a wide range of pet accessories, be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Dog combs are indispensable accessories when you have a pet, especially if you have long or medium hair. In these cases, it is necessary to comb it daily to untangle and avoid the knots. The combs smooth, stimulate circulation and remove traces of dirt and parasites from the fur of our four-legged friend.

The daily hairstyle is of fundamental importance for the hair of our best friends so that it is healthy and bright. It is convenient to use the comb after passing a sturdy brush; in this way you will eliminate dead hair. The grooming should be daily, if possible, especially in spring and autumn, when our dogs face the wetsuit.

If you liked our guide on dog combs, don’t forget to share it on social networks or leave a comment. Thank you!

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