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Best Dog Repellent 2020: Buying Guide

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Best Dog Repellent 2020: Buying Guide

Best Dog Repellent 2020: Buying Guide – When your furry does his needs where he shouldn’t, trouble starts. It could also be that you are lucky enough to live in a house in the suburbs, away from the bustle of the city, but you don’t like having other dogs in your garden, or you want to prevent your four-legged friend from destroying it. In cases like these, an excellent dog repellent can be of great help.

Seems apparently simple, doesn’t it? However, the 21st century and the technological revolution have made the world of shopping a complicated maze. If you can get out of it, you are assured of an excellent product, because you have been able to look for it in the immense sea of ​​possibilities available to you. We wrote this article just to help you achieve this!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Dog repellents are usually inexpensive and very useful for correcting your pet’s improper behavior, such as the tendency to urinate where it shouldn’t or the overwhelming need to nibble on everything around it.
  • Nowadays, the best repellents for dogs are made of 100% natural ingredients or harmless synthesis of pheromones that convey tranquility to the dog.
  • As we will see in the section dedicated to the purchase criteria, not all dog repellents are the same. Read it carefully to find the right product for you.

The best dog repellents on the market: our selection

To start on the right foot, we offer you a list where we have collected those which, in our opinion, are the best products currently on the market. Being aware that each case is its own, we have tried to include a variety that covers most of it: from classic repellents to so-called bollards, for more modern dogs.

The 100% organic and vegan product

The product, in spray format, is 100% vegan and organic, made of essential oils. Based on citrus and bitter substances, it should simply be sprayed in the areas from which you want your pet to stay away. Discourages the dog from getting on the furniture because of its smell, which is however pleasant for humans. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is totally harmless to the animal and the environment.

The repellent for dogs with ultrasound technology

It is an ultrasonic plastic bollard to remove animals, to be placed outside. It has 3 modes of use with alarm and LED flashlight. Resistant to water, it is powered by a solar panel located at the top, but can also be charged with the appropriate charger or a power bank with USB cable. The motion sensor covers an area up to 78 m2 and detects the presence of animals 8-9 meters away.

The gel crystal version

This repellent for dogs and cats is available in packs of 400 or 460 ml. The product is in gel, composed of small crystals that last about two days and resist rain and humidity. It can be used outdoors, in contact with plants and grass. When the green color of the crystals lightens, it indicates the need to reapply the product. The repellent is based on lemongrass, therefore it gives off its smell.

The strongest odor repellent

This Trigger product is available in two formats: concentrated liquid, 500 ml, and 750 ml spray. It is a product whose main function is that of deodorant. Its formulation neutralizes bad odors and the bacteria that cause them, up to 7 strains. It acts on rugs, floors, upholstery, sheets, clothes, tapestries and all water-resistant surfaces. It also removes stains caused by animals and respects the environment.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about dog repellents

You return tired from the gym, take a quick shower and go to bed, forgetting to put your sneakers in the closet. To your surprise, when you wake up, yours sneaker they are completely destroyed by your dog’s bites. Here: now you know the time has come to buy a dog repellent! But first, let’s get to know the product thoroughly.

Family with dog

The bollards for dogs are ideal for outdoor environments and to prevent unwanted dogs from approaching your home. (Source: Dmitrii Shironosov: 31132379 /

What exactly are dog repellents and what are they used for?

Dog repellents are generally compounds that prevent dogs from approaching, biting or urinating on the object, or in the area where they are sprayed. However, there are also dog deterrents, another type of repellent that usually works by ultrasound. There are also some anti-stress options, useful for correcting incorrect behavior.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dog repellent?

As in the case of cat repellent, it does not matter that it is an inexpensive or expensive product, because it offers many more advantages than disadvantages. Although for extreme cases it is advisable to consult an ethologist, most canine behaviors can be controlled and traced back to a specific element. Below, we show you the main advantages and disadvantages of the product summarized in a table:


  • They are cheap
  • They avoid unwanted behavior
  • They offer a large variety of options
  • They do no harm to the dog
  • They respect the environment
  • They help keep your home tidy
  • Many are imperceptible to humans


  • Their effectiveness is not immediate
  • They are not equally effective for all dogs

What types of dog repellent are there?

As you will have already understood by consulting our list, and reading the first question we answered in this section, there is a great variety of options regarding dog repellents, both in terms of shape and consistency and in terms of method. Since each product has a specific goal, here is what you need to know in order not to spend money on a product that doesn’t work:

  • Bollards for dogs: For this group of repellents, the range of products to choose from is vast. We could dedicate an entire article to it. Their technology is based on the use of ultrasound and is useful both for educating aggressive or barking dogs and for avoiding unwanted intruders on your property (whether it be dogs or other animals).
  • Dog repellent repellents: Usually sold in format spray, these types of dog repellents are useful to spray on clothing, curtains or furniture that you want to keep away from the jaws of your furry. They give off an unbearable smell for the dog.
  • Dog repellents to prevent them from marking the territory: Similar to the previous ones. In fact, many dog ​​repellents today combine the two options. This variant is useful to prevent your dog from urinating where it does not have to or marking the territory, for example, anywhere in your garden (plants, trees, etc.).
  • Spray antistress for dogs: This is not exactly a repellent for dogs, but it has the same purpose: to correct incorrect behaviors, even if obviously in a different way, i.e. reducing the stress of our four-legged friend. Thanks to this support, visits to the vet and travel by car will become easier.
Dog running on the lawn

Dog repellents are generally compounds that prevent dogs from approaching, biting or urinating on the object, or in the area where they are sprayed. (Source: Joe Caione: KVeogBZzl4M /

How do you use a dog repellent?

The answer to this question is linked to the previous paragraph. First of all you must be clear that, depending on the product you buy, its use will be different:

Type of repellent for dogsUse
Bollards for dogsThey are installed like scarecrows in the garden.   Those sold in “whistle” or remote control format are activated by blowing or pressing a button.
Repellents for dog anti-bite and to avoid that they mark the territoryYou must spray them in the place or object you want to keep away from your dog’s bites or urine.   Depending on the version you buy, you will have to reapply it often or use it more frequently only during the first few days.
Spray Anti-stressTo get the desired effect, spray them in the pet carrier, in the car or in the room where your dog spends more time.   Usually their effect does not last long, therefore, if you want to prolong it, you will have to intensify the dose or reapply it often.

Are dog repellents dangerous to the animal?

For nothing. The best dog repellents currently on the market are very attentive to this aspect, so take care to offer harmless products for your pet. More and more brands are choosing natural ingredients in their composition; or, otherwise, they do the impossible to create a totally harmless solution for the animal.

As for scarecrow dog bollards, they are equally harmless to your dog, both because they use materials suitable for outdoor spaces, such as a garden or in a green area, without having to worry about negative repercussions on the environment, either because the technology based on ultrasound drives the animal away, but does no harm to it.

Purchase criteria

The twenty-first century is synonymous with impulsiveness: false idols that are forgotten from evening to morning and a culture of selfies where appearing matters more than being. While finding ourselves in this kind of scenario, it would be better not to transfer the same spirit of emulation and approval to the choices we make regarding our purchases. For this, and for you to educate your dog, we have prepared a list of purchase criteria for you to follow:

  • Composition
  • Guy
  • Purpose
  • Quantity
  • Smell


Although we have already said that today most dog repellents are harmless to both the animal and the environment, you must always be careful. In order not to invest in a product that could create problems instead of solving them, we recommend that you take a look at the list of its ingredients. Our future also depends on these small precautions.


As already mentioned in the Purchase Guide, you have various types of dog repellents available. A bollard is not the same as a liquid product. Keep in mind that the first one is usually installed in the garden or in any case outside, and it is also useful to prevent, thanks to ultrasound, other animals from approaching your home.


If you need one spray, clarify what you need first. In the case of bollards, it is a question of preventing your dog or other animals from approaching certain areas; and, when it comes to whistles or remote controls, the goal will be the same, but with the addition of avoiding constant barking. In the case of liquids, however, the situation is complicated:

If you want…You must use…
Prevent your furry from biting valuables,a repellent for dogs against bites, preferably in size spray.
Deterring your dog from marking territory by urinating everywhere,a repellent for dogs to prevent it from marking the territory.
Take advantage of the possibilities offered by spray anti-urination and anti-marking of the territory in one product,a two in one dog repellent.
Reduce the stress of your four-legged friend in situations such as visits to the vet, travel by car or times when he is alone at home because you go to work,one spray Anti-stress.

The selection of the best products on the market that we have proposed includes some options belonging to these categories; reread the features to find the one that’s right for you.


If liquid repellent is what you need, you will need to make sure you buy a pack that contains the appropriate amount. Decide in which areas to use it, because obviously the more they will be extended, the greater the product you will need. Also, check if the product needs to be re-applied. In this case, we advise you to buy two or three packs.

Did you know that dogs have the beauty of eighteen muscles in each ear?


Most of the repellents for dogs interact only with the animal and are imperceptible to humans. However, in some cases, it may happen that you fill your home with an unpleasant, if not unbearable, smell. In these situations, the best thing to do is to choose a product with a lemon flavor and the like.


With their tongue hanging down, drooling, dogs dominate the world, conquering the hearts of their masters and also that of strangers. Although their nature tends to be gentle, they are not exempt from anger and inappropriate behavior. In these cases, a dog repellent can be an excellent ally for you. However, you need to know which one to buy, because not everyone does the same thing.

In the case of bollards, you will need to check that they are easy to install and use (especially if they are whistles or remote controls). Classic repellents, on the other hand, require you to decide the exact quantity you need, choose the type that best suits your needs and check the smell of the solution you want to buy.

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