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Karelian husky Information: Breed | How to Feed | Care | Tempearament

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Karelian husky Information: Breed | How to Feed | Care | Tempearament

(dwarf Finnish dog Karelo, red puppy, pomeranian, Karelofinskaya, karelka) The playful and graceful Karelian laika, which can be obtained without any problems from experienced breeders or in kennels, is a quick-witted dog with excellent hunting qualities. The cute red dog is considered the best of the varieties of huskies. This breed is also called “Finnish Spitz”.

Playful and graceful Karelian Like

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Breed history

Today it is known that the Karelian-Finnish dog appeared on the territory of Finland and Karelia. Certain features of dog keeping and northern nature had time to leave an imprint on the formation of certain characteristics of these animals.

Only in the 60s of the 20th century the Karelian-Finnish husky was formed as an independent breed. Until that time, the animals lived as the most ordinary yard dogs. Since the work on the restoration of the ancient breed was carried out with the participation of Finnish material, for several years the debate about the name did not abate.

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And only in 2006, the Finnish Kennel Club and the Kennel Federation of Russia signed an agreement where the breed was given the name Finnish Spitz.

Karelian husky character

This dog is a very intelligent, attentive and sensitive creature that possesses the makings of a leader. However, the owner of the dog must necessarily show who is the boss. Only in this case, the Finnish Spitz will completely read it and obey.

Owners of dogs of this breed note that their pets are cheerful and cheerful. They are faithful and loyal to the owner, and strangers are wary, but without malice and quite tolerant.

Since Karelofinskaya has a playful disposition, she gets along well with small children. However, we must remember that the dog will not tolerate a disrespectful attitude.

The Finnish Spitz quickly becomes attached to the house and well protects the territory entrusted to it. The dog is freedom-loving and independent. He expects from the owner of fair treatment and patience. An interesting fact is that even puppies of the Karelian-Finnish husky always react to changes in the mood of the owner. The main indicator of an animal’s mood is its tail. In a contented life and cheerful dog, he is bent into a ring. And if the pet is offended, then its tail straightens. An animal can remember its offense for a long time.

Experts note that the husky Karelka is gambling in hunting, unpretentious, smart and enduring. The dog will quickly find a common language with other animals. She will become the best assistant angler and hunter.

Adult dwarf husky works well independently, but can show its best qualities in a team with other representatives of dog breeds. You can keep the animal in the apartment and in a country house.

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Today it is known that the Karelian-Finnish dog appeared on the territory of Finland and Karelia

No need to wait for the pet to go to bed at your feet and beg for attention. The fact is that the husky does not need guidance, as it is very independent. However, it will require consistency in behavior, gentle attitude, patience and justice from the host. Showing rudeness, the owner will not be able to grow a good companion and helper for himself.

Gallery: graceful Karelian Like (25 photos)

Karelian-Finnish Like (video)

Choosing a dog

Choosing a dog, you should pay attention to the performance of the Karelian-Finnish husky, a puppy of this breed at the age of 6 months should be vaccinated, it should be started to work. In kennels you can find puppies that have already been dragged to the beast or game.

However, some breeders keep animals at home. To keep and grow puppies in such conditions is very difficult. Therefore, they are trying to sell off when they turn 1.5 months. Pay attention to the puppy’s teeth and bite. Husky ears should be standing at 1.5 months. However, in a purebred dog, they only get up by 3 months.

The tail of the animal should not have any damage. On the hind legs should be the fifth finger. The coat should be shiny and even.

How to care for Karelian husky

Finnish Spitz is quite clean and does not require special care. If you plan to keep the dog at home, then he must be equipped with a place to rest. Dog sheds 2 times a year. The husk has a soft undercoat and a rather thick coat. Therefore, you need to comb it every day with a furminator. To cut nails pet will trust only the owner.

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Finnish Spitz is quite clean and does not require special care.

Karelka is a hunting dog. That is why she needs daily walks and training at special sites. Pet well gives in to training. If you need to raise a working dog, then at the age of 4 months it should be trained on the beast. A puppy must be taught to animals.

If possible, the dog is best kept outdoors. In this case it is necessary to build a spacious aviary in whose territory a booth should be placed. But experts do not recommend keeping an animal in a shed on a leash.

In the apartment place for the dog should not be located near the heating devices. You do not need to teach your pet to pack even for a short while on a chair or sofa. After some time it will become a bad habit, and you can not wean your pet from her.

Dressura Karelian-Finnish Laika (video)

What can feed a dog

The owner of the dog of this breed must remember that it is selective in food. Puppy should not be fed pork and chicken, as this meat is too fat. With great care, you can give bones.

The diet of a 2-month puppy should consist of fresh meat (lamb, beef and rabbit meat). Need a little product. It is cut into small pieces. But to grind meat into mince is not worth it, since the stomach of a small animal still digests such food very poorly.

From about 3 months, the pet should be given large bones with meat. In addition, the menu should include rice, buckwheat and wheat porridge, which must be diluted with lean broth or milk.

Like pet vegetables, sour cream, kefir, fruit and cottage cheese. It is very important that the pet always has drinking water. After the dog eats, the feed must be removed so that he learns the regime. At the age of 3 months, the dog should receive food 4 times a day. Then you need to feed the grown-up pet only 2 times a day.

Exclude potatoes, sausages, radishes, sausages, and peas from the diet. These foods adversely affect the digestive process. Ready-made feeds that can be purchased at a specialty store should be easily digestible and nutritious.

Husky diseases

For such a popular breed, such illnesses as, for example, rickets and allergies are characteristic. However, in general, dogs have good health.

In order for the animal to safely go out for a walk and communicate with other dogs, it is necessary to vaccinate. It is necessary to worm worms in 1.5 months, in 2 months to put the vaccine against plague and enteritis, and in 6 months, when the puppy’s teeth change, – a rabies vaccination.

But we must remember that vaccination is not a guarantee against disease. It only reduces this risk. Therefore, we must try to strengthen the immunity of your beloved pet.

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