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Best dog harness 2020: buying guide



Best dog harness 2020: buying guide

Best dog harness 2020: buying guide – Probably if you are reading this article it is because you are looking for information on the dog harness. Maybe you want to know which type could be suitable for your four-legged friend, to facilitate him in the daily walks you do together. This accessory has a series of benefits that are often ignored by those accustomed to using the simple collar + leash.

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Dogs need to leave the house to do their needs, to stretch their legs, release energy and socialize with others like them. However, care must be taken that they do not end up on the road, that they do not get lost or that they do not fight with some other animal. To get out in peace, the bib is a smart option and in this guide we will explain the reasons for this statement.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • When choosing a harness for our dog, we must take into account that it must adapt to its body, its size and needs, and also to our comfort.
  • For our dog, walks are one of the most beautiful moments of the day, but the presence of the bib will make them pleasant for us and for the other people and other dogs who will walk close to us.
  • As owners of a dog, we have an obligation to keep it tied in most public areas and when we travel by car. A harness, unlike a collar, distributes the weight along the animal’s body and a possible jerk will do him less harm.

The best dog harnesses on the market: our selection

In this section you will find a collection of the five most popular dog harnesses that exist on the market. In addition, we have summarized and highlighted their main characteristics, so that we can compare them. This will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable for you and your pet.

Easy Walk C5066237

The Croci company offers Easy Walk, a comfortable bib with a crossed structure, practical for taking your four-legged friend for a walk. It consists of resistant hooks that have the ability to intervene on the strength of the dog, without causing it discomfort or pain. The harness is extendable and adjustable according to the type of walk you want to do.

Many users say they are satisfied with the choice regarding this Easy Walk harness. It is suitable for both 35/40 kg dogs, as a boxer, and for smaller dogs. It seems particularly suitable for exuberant dogs, since it manages to prevent the dog from suddenly leaving. Adjustability has its weight in the positive evaluation.


Reinforced harness for dogs, conceived by MerryBIY and produced entirely in polyester. Among the features, it has padding inside to protect the dog from its exuberance and possible tugging. Supplied with adjustable Snap On buckles and D Duty metal ring, capable of resisting large dogs.

Many users report that this harness is suitable for dogs such as Golden Retriever, Labrador, Doberman, which suggests that it is a guarantee of reliability for strong dogs. The value for money is satisfactory, one more point for the padding that favors a pleasant walk to our friend.


Colored and modern harness, with a structure that can support 14 kg dogs and even something more. Practice the dressing, slipping from the head and not from the legs like other models. Produced in scratch and waterproof polyester. The belt closure is velcro and has a reflective edge to be always visible and safe on the road.

The average user approves this product. Slightly heavier than the previous models, it guarantees several non-trivial features, such as the reflector on the street and the fact of being waterproof. This denotes by itself a more “dynamic” intended use. It is a brand considered a guarantee and enjoys 100% positive reviews.


This Motionjoy harness with military fantasy offers us several features. First of all, it has an integrated handle for an agile and easy control of our friend, even in training situations. Fully washable material, 100% nylon. Crossed design, it has adjustable straps to move better together with your dog.

The reviews of those who have used this harness for their pets seem to be promoting the product. Some speak of 40 kg dogs managed with ease. It needs some more washing than other models, as it holds the fur in the padded part a little longer, some users point out.


This bib produced by Rabbitgoo is entirely conceived in Oxford fabric. Harness designed for the ride of our four-legged friend and for night use, it has, in fact, reflective strips along the outside of the leash and the harness to ensure visibility, control and safety. Padded and ergonomic design and quality hooks.

The quality is the master in this bib models, the price confirms it. Slightly higher than other brands, it offers features that have nevertheless satisfied customers for value for money. The user positively underlines the high quality seams and buckles, but complains about a handle that remains slightly hidden.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about the dog harness

Before buying a harness for your dog, it is important to know the functionality of this product and its benefits for you and your pet, depending on the model you choose. Here we have included the most important aspects of the bibs, so that we can inform you well. In addition, we will answer the most frequent doubts in this regard.


Experts recommend three outings a day of at least 30 minutes each.
(Source: Dolgachov: 61638890 /

Why do I have to bring my dog ​​out of the house with a bib?

When it is time to leave the house, you must keep your dog tied up so that he cannot run away or go to some place where his life could be at risk, such as the street. So you need to use a harness attached to a leash. Also, if you can control your dog, it will be much more comfortable for passersby and other dogs. Even in the car, the dog must be tied up.

Dogs must be tied up in all public places except those specially designed for them. They can only be free in parks where this is allowed or in other specific areas.

Remember that if you leave the house without a harness or a collar with a leash and you have some problems, the insurance will not cover most of the costs.

Are all walking harnesses also used to tie my dog ​​in the car?

As we said, when traveling by car, the dog must be tied up. You can buy your pet a special bib for the car, since they exist, or you can use the one he uses for walking. In this second case, you will need to have a belt that, on the one hand, attaches to a bib ring and, on the other, to the safety belt.

Just as you have an obligation to fasten your seat belt to comply with the law and travel safely, you must do the same with your dog. And in order for the belt to be comfortable, the ideal is that it is attached to a bib. In case of braking, this will ensure that the dog is well restrained and that the jerk does not hurt him.

It is recommended not to force the dog on its first walks, nor to keep it outside for a long time if it does not feel comfortable.

Are there people who can be afraid of my dog ​​if they don’t have a harness?

There are people who are not used to interacting with dogs and who do not understand their way of expressing themselves with humans. Also, dogs themselves, when a person is afraid, can become very nervous. The animal smells the adrenaline or feels uncomfortable with the gestures of the person who is afraid and may bark.

If you carry your dog tied around the harness, in a situation like this you can control it and not annoy other passers-by who are afraid of animals. If the dog is free, the situation can get complicated. Since the dog can also become very nervous in front of a frightened person, this can further increase discomfort and fear.

Does my dog ​​have to have a harness by law?

It is common that there is legislation relating to the care of dogs, although it is not the same in all countries and not even in all communities in the same country. The law should aim to protect the dog from mistreatment. And to force its owners to follow some rules outside the home. Usually, in cities, the dog must go out tied on a leash.

Most laws provide for the obligation of civil liability insurance and scheduled vaccinations for the dog. In public places and in places that accept dogs, they must be tied up. Dogs classified as potentially dangerous can never be untied. And, for the rest, there are special spaces where you can leave them free.

Before buying a harness for your dog, it is important to know the functionality of this product and its benefits for you and your pet.

Are a harness and a dog collar the same thing?

They are not the same thing, even if they perform practically the same function, that is, the possibility of walking your dog safely. Both, with a leash, prevent your pet from going away and being able to end up on the road without your control or approaching some dog with which it could fight, and allow you to control its movements.

The harness is necessary to carry it in the car, attaching it to the appropriate hook, while the collar, in this case, should not be used. An accident or braking could harm the animal.

The collar is applied to the neck, while the bib goes from the neck to the body, distributing the weight of a jerk on various parts, so as to minimize any damage.

Unlike the harness, what problems can a dog’s collar cause?

Traditionally, the harness collar was used more when it came to walking our animals. However, in recent years many experts have spoken out about the problems related to the collar, while others continue to defend it. Here, in the following table, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of both.

CollarThere are those who say that the harness indicates to the dog that it must pull, because it was used for this purpose. And that the collar indicates that the animal and the owner go for a walk together.The force of jerking can damage your pet’s neck, which is a very delicate part of his body.
HarnessThe tugging that the dog can give will not harm him, as the strength of the leash is distributed over his body.   Recommended for use in the car. Ideal for dogs with respiratory problems. A dog who is often jerked can think that pulling is allowed. Don’t allow it.

What can I do to prevent the dog from pulling too much with his harness?

The way your dog walks when you go out together depends a lot on how you educated him. Some dogs pull a lot, on a leash, and the moments of the walk are a torture for the owners. You may experience back pain by trying to prevent your pet from going where it shouldn’t, by making it follow the right path or by making it walk slowly.

In these cases, experts recommend not to use extendable leashes, because they offer a freedom that the dog cannot have while being educated. And not even a too short leash, because it will wear out the animal. You have to keep in mind that you are the one who sets the rules, but you have to try to go at his own pace, because it’s his time. So, don’t stop every two by three.

Usually, the harnesses have one ring on the chest and another on the back to choose the one we are best with.

If your dog pulls more than he should, stop until he relaxes and then move on. If you can’t stop his tugging, you can change direction and he will be focused on the road he will take. To perform these actions, you too must be calm. If you are nervous, he will notice it and it will in turn.

Is the harness useful for dogs of any weight and size?

In our selection of products, we have noticed that most of the harnesses have different sizes. You can find a harness for a small chihuahua as well as for a great dane. However, if your dog is very large, you will need to carefully check the quality of the product, its seams and its strength.

For very small dogs, the harness is more of a cute accessory, given that if the animal weighs little it is easier to control. For adults, the bib is a very useful accessory to educate them, at the beginning, since it allows us to guide their movements and make them understand what they have to do and what not. And it is also necessary to control them.

Can the harness cause my dog ​​to pull more?

There are those who say that the bib can bring the animals who wear it to pull more. This is because it is an element created and used in the past to make dogs pull sleds or carts. However, this market has evolved and today there are different types of harnesses, many of which are ideal for training animals.

So, it is not clear if a harness leads the dog to pull harder. In fact, if he has this habit, you can find harnesses on the market designed to teach your dog not to. Also, if your dog pulls when you go for a walk, the harness will cause him less physical damage than the collar, as the weight will be better spread over his body.

The fact that your pet is wearing a harness can facilitate the tasks associated with taking your little dog for a walk.

What advice should I follow when I go out for a walk with my dog ​​and the harness?

The walks are a very fun time for your dog, so you have to respect his tastes, while always following some rules that you will impose on him. Therefore, you must dedicate the start of the trip to some place dedicated to dogs, such as a park. Give him space to smell the environment, play and do his needs.

After a moment of leisure, you can continue walking together. At this point, you will have to impose your rules. You can allow him to sniff or mark the territory from time to time, but not allow it to continue and prevent you from continuing.

You, for your part, must respect his times and not stop to look at the shop windows or mobile phone, because you can create anxiety for him.

What happens if I put the harness on my dog ​​just to take it to do its needs?

It is not always recommended to leave the house just to make your dog do his needs. This will make him understand that he must hurry every time he sets foot on the road and will not want to continue or do anything but mark the territory. So, your pet’s only goal will be to urinate as many times as he can, before going home.

This habit will lead to your dog failing to keep up when you want to go for a long walk. He will continue to think that you will be returning home soon and will try to mark the area every few steps, making the walk very difficult and heavy. It’s not her fault, it’s what she learned from her outing routine.

Dogs, especially large ones, with their tugging can drag us at will, during walks.
(Source: Roman Babakin: 104216348 /

How long should my dog ​​walk with his harness last?

When placing a new canine member in the family, we must know that if we live in an apartment, we will have to spend several hours of the day at leisure. Dogs go out to do their needs, play and socialize with other animals. Experts recommend three outings a day of at least 30 minutes each.

Dogs need to discover new smells and relate to other animals and people in order for their mind to work. And if you go out for several minutes every time, the dog will go for a walk, because he will know he will have time for everything.

When you put on your bib and go for a walk, keep in mind that it will be for quite some time.

Can I take my dog ​​out with the harness when he is a puppy?

If your dog enters your puppy life, you need to know that he will not be able to leave until he has completed his vaccination period. Normally, if you follow the established times, you will not be able to leave until 12 weeks of life. So, when you buy his first bib, keep in mind the size it can have after this period of isolation.

Experts say that between 3 and 14 weeks of age, dogs learn everything they are taught. So it is an important period for their education. The harness can be used, although, according to some, if used too early it can damage the puppy’s growth. Ask your vet before buying a harness for a dog under 6/8 months.

Dogs need to discover new smells and relate to other animals and people for their mind to work.

What vaccinations does my dog ​​have to do before leaving the house for the first time with a bib?

Whether your dog is a puppy or already older, when he arrives at home you have to check which vaccinations he has been subjected to and administer the ones that are missing, before buying a bib and going for a walk. So he won’t risk contracting diseases. The recommended vaccinations are those that protect your dog from distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and rabies.

  • The first vaccination it takes place between six and eight weeks of life and the second in the ninth week.
  • At twelve weeks they are administered booster vaccinations.
  • After the visit to the vet, the puppy can go out.
  • Before leaving the house for the first time, it is mandatory to equip the dog with microchip, useful in case you get lost.

Does any harness I buy for my dog ​​avoid its tugging?

All harnesses allow you to have better control over the direction your dog will take. But not all of them are designed to deal with tugging. Many of them are simply designed for walking out. So, before buying a new bib, you must be careful to choose one that avoids tugging.

If your dog is very large, strong or is still learning to obey your orders, you must purchase a tug harness. These are specially designed in such a way that if your pet pulls, the front part tightens slightly and reduces the freedom of the legs. These harnesses are equipped with a hook for the collar in the animal’s chest area.

All harnesses allow you to have better control over the direction your pet will take.

How to use an “anti-jerk” harness for my dog?

Dogs, especially large ones, with their tugging can drag us at will, during walks. But today you can find harnesses specifically created to educate your pet to respect your time and speed. The educational harness is a product designed in particular for walking by controlling the dog’s movements.

The harness adapts to the dog’s body and usually presents various attacks to control it and make you decide its direction. The harnesses are usually equipped with a ring on the chest and another on the back to choose the one we are most comfortable with.

Did you know that many harnesses have a short attachment to hold it steady with the hand in case the dog becomes very anxious?

How can my dog ​​react the first time he goes out with his harness?

Dogs are intelligent animals. They learn easily, but we need to educate them to understand what we want from them. When the dog goes out for the first few times, the road will present many stimuli and will not always be pleasant. So if he is a puppy and you don’t see him at ease, take him out several times a day for a short time.

It is advisable not to force the dog on his first walks and not to keep it outside for a long time if he does not feel comfortable. Let him sniff and discover the world at his own pace to become familiar with the environment. Don’t force him to relate to other dogs and people. He will do it alone when he wants and will feel comfortable.

A harness for our dog can have different shapes and designs and will perform different functions depending on which one we choose.

In addition to the harness, should I muzzle my dog?

While the harness and leash are mandatory for dogs in all public places, the muzzle is mandatory only on some occasions, for most breeds, and only some dogs must always use it. On trains, dogs that are not in pet carriers must have a muzzle.

There are breeds, such as the Pitbull Terrier or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, among others, which by law must always muzzle in public spaces. Even dogs that show a markedly aggressive character or who have made themselves responsible for attacks on people or other animals will have to wear a muzzle, as well as a harness.

Purchase criteria

The harness for dogs is not only useful to make your walks more comfortable together, but in many cases it is also mandatory. When choosing a product over another, you need to evaluate what suits you and your pet best. To help you choose the best bib for both, we will analyze several aspects here:

  • dimensions
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Night visibility
  • Leash


A harness must be carefully evaluated to ensure that the neck opening is large enough to fit your dog’s head into it. And that the lower part adapts to its body. If it remains wide, the animal will be able to run away and the harness will be able to rub against its body when walking.

A large harness will make it difficult to control the animal.

If it is tight, our dog will feel overwhelmed and may even have trouble breathing. Almost all the bibs available on the market have a wide range of different sizes. And each is adjustable with straps to widen or tighten it, depending on each animal.

If your dog enters your puppy life, know that he will not be able to leave the house until he has completed his vaccination period.


There are many materials to choose from. We can also buy a bib for the summer and another for the winter. The important thing is that the fabric is resistant to hold up well to the tugs that a dog, especially a large one, can give. And the straps that join one part with another are usually made of nylon, this being a sturdy material.

For the summer, a breathable knitted bib is recommended. This helps the dog breathe and ensures that sweat is not a nuisance. Some are meant to be put in water and keep your pet cool in very hot environments. Harnesses made with nylon straps are also useful for warmth. In winter, a padded bib is best.

In addition to choosing a material rather than another according to the climate, it is necessary to verify that the materials are of quality so as not to damage the animal’s skin. Most products have an indication of the production date, so as to respect the canine skin. It is a very important factor to consider. Poor quality material can cause injury.


There are harnesses for dogs of different shapes or designs, which perform different functions depending on which one we choose. They also adapt to different shapes and bodies of animals. Below you can find a list with the main designs that the market offers for dog harnesses:

  • Y- shaped harness : Made with nylon straps, which normally surround the chest and legs and close on the ribs area. The straps can be of another material, such as leather. They are ideal for small animals or those who can walk without pulling their owners, because they allow limited control. In the summer they are very cool.
  • Safety harness : This model is also called a three point harness. It is similar to the “Y” shape, but with a waist belt that prevents the animal from going back. It is common for breeds such as greyhounds. With this third point on life, the animal can feel more protected by its owner.
  • Training harness: Also called anti-jerk. They are harnesses created to ensure that if the dog jerks, it is possible to restrain him. They have a ring to attach the leash to the center of the chest, in the front, and sometimes they have another on the top of the back. They can simplify the learning process. They can also be made of nylon straps.
  • Jacket harness : This harness, normally padded and particularly comfortable for the winter months because it covers the dog’s body more, has become very fashionable with the Julius k9. Although they are made of knit, they are also used for the summer. Scary animals can feel more protected. And these harnesses allow you to control the dog well.

The Night visibility

There are many bibs that are visible in the dark. These will allow you to find your dog in case he gets lost in the evening or starts running in places with little light. Regarding the harnesses designed to never lose sight of our animal, even in the dark, we find these models:

  • Reflective straps: They are made of a material that bounces the light towards its source. This means that these belts can only perform their function when they are hit by a light. Otherwise it is not possible to see them. Therefore, to make this type of harness of your dog visible, you will need street lamps, a passing car or a torch to take with you.
  • Luminescent straps: These are less common for a dog harness than reflective ones. They are made with a material that receives and conserves energy and then emits it in the form of light when it is dark. That is to say that they make the bib visible even in places where there is no type of light.


Dogs need to leave the house several times a day. To stretch, relax and do their needs. But the law requires that these animals have a leash, which must be attached to a collar or harness. The latter has become very fashionable thanks to the fact that it is very comfortable, both for the dog and for its owner.

A harness is a great ally when going out for a walk with a dog, educating it, guiding it and controlling its movements. And it is mandatory to attach it to the seat belt when the animal is in the car. Harnesses of all sizes exist on the market and it is possible to choose between different models and materials, as needed.

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