15 adorable photos: Dogs having A Nap Beside baby – Worth a 1000 words


The relationship that is created between dogs and babies can sometimes surprise. When a newborn arrives at home, the same question always arises: what will the dog’s reaction be?

Dogs and babies: 15 adorable photos

We often underestimate the love and empathy dogs can feel for humans. For this reason, we always have a bit of apprehension about the first encounter between dogs and babies. The dog may be jealous, or unable to contain its power in the face of the fragile newborn. But our furry friends know how to manage their emotions and their impulsiveness. These 15 sweet dogs they are the proof.

dogs and babies photo3

dogs and babies photos

dogs and babies photo12

dogs and babies photo4

dogs and babies photo5

dogs and babies photo6

dogs and babies photo7

dogs and babies photo8

dogs and babies photo1

dogs and babies photo14

dogs and babies foto9

dogs and babies foto10

dogs and babies foto11

dogs and babies foto13

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source: likemag.com

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