10 designer dog furniture that would make yours happy too! (photo)


Usually, dog furniture has nothing glamorous or decorative about it. In the United States, yes! In the land of excess and unconditional love for animals, some owners have even dedicated entire rooms for their companions. Here is an American Tour of the most spectacular dog furniture!

1. A small bedroom under the stairs

A great idea if you have limited space at home to insert a traditional kennel. Among other things, if made with care, it takes on a very design aspect!

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2. A shower for the dog

This “dog-station”Takes up a small corner of the bathroom. Discreet, elegant and very ingenious, this shower has been designed to save space and make life easier for the owners.

dog furniture design2

3. The bowl concealer drawer

If you no longer want to see bowls around the kitchen, get inspired by this trend that is very widespread in the United States: the drawer that hides the meal corner for the dog.

dog furniture design3

4. Folding dog bed

dog furniture design10

Created by the architects agency Clark Richardson, this furniture with a patented design, in solid wood, turns into a real one cot for your dog. It was designed for families who have a large 4-legged friend, but little space in the house.

5. An external washing station

dog furniture design4

Neffy, the griffin, and Rudy, the doberman, enjoy one outdoor shower which they must access via a staircase, overlooking the garden. Made of stone, this shower takes on one rustic style with colors inspired by nature, typical of the United States.

6. A corner dedicated to the dog

dog furniture design9

7. The right furniture if you have a lot of dogs

dog furniture design6

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8. A sitting area for the dog under the stairs

dog furniture design5

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9. A shower corner in the utility room

dog furniture design

In Denver, these owners opted for the installation of a “dog- wash station“, A very popular plant in the United States. It is simply one shower dedicated to dogs, often furnished in the closet with access to the outside.

10. An entire room dedicated to dogs

dog furniture design11

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In this huge Los Angeles mansion, dogs are the most spoiled in the house. Enjoy the comfort worthy of a 4-star hotel: sofas, customized boxes for those who want more intimacy, and bowls at height.

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