Dog at the supermarket can’t hide his happiness (photo)


A few weeks ago, a Twitter user (@virgoprincxss) posted shots of her dog at the grocery store, visibly too happy to shop with his owner. These photos don’t seem to have anything fancy, but they are!

dog at the supermarket happiness

Following the publication of the photos, many people have decided to post shots of their dog at the supermarket. But the owner of the dog also received numerous messages indicating that his 4-legged friend was not allowed to stay there.

After exposing her apologies, the woman decided to do a photo shoot with her dog, always happy to go shopping, but this time in a shop where he was authorized. And the result is always fantastic!

dog at the supermarket happiness3

dog at the supermarket happiness2

Within hours of being released, these adorable snaps went viral. Share them with your friends!


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