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My Puppy Will Poop Outside But not Pee: I’m Confused (Shy/ Disobedient?)



My Puppy Will Poop Outside But not Pee: I’m Confused (Shy/ Disobedient?)

You are must trying to figure out why, “My Puppy Will Poop Outside But not Pee” at some point having a pet is a common problem so you can relax and join the solution team. Arm yourself with patience and start educating your dog so that he does not urinate at home and knows that the ideal place to do so is on the street.

There are a series of tricks and training methods that will help you prevent dogs/puppies from urinating in the house and we will go over the best methods for you in this article.

We know: being a perfect doggy human is hard work. The task becomes more complicated if, let’s say, your dog starts peeing inside the house. You clean it thoroughly. A pet is part of the family and, as such, must behave so that coexistence is as pleasant as possible

However, we are responsible for making them understand what the house rules are

In this article we collect some tricks to prevent your dog from urinating inside the house or, if you have a garden, to teach him to do it in the area you want. 

You must arm yourself with patience, especially if they are puppies, and remember to always educate them positively.

Teaching a Puppy: Can This Happen at A Young Age?

Before we get into the basic guidelines, I’d like to add a short explanation of how elimination behavior (urination and defecation) works in puppies:

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From 3 to 8 weeks of life is when dogs learn to leave the nest to relieve themselves. Until then, they urinate and defecate inside and the mother ingests the waste as a cleaning method and to avoid leaving traces that could attract possible predators (this behavior is inherited from the wolf).

From 8 weeks is when the puppies develop what is called “substrate preference” , something that, as you will see below, is very important.

Developing a substrate preference means learning to urinate and defecate on a surface of a particular material. Therefore:

How Long for the puppy to learn? Around 8 weeks is the ideal timing to achieve the best result to teach a dog/puppy to relieve him/herself in a specific place or where you desire.

Dogs that do not learn to distinguish substrates because they do not have the opportunity to do so – for example, the puppies that are sold in some stores and that are confined in a cage during the 8th week of life onwards – are very problematic dogs later, who urinate and they defecate everywhere without being able to distinguish which places are indicated to do so and which are not.

Now, how to teach a puppy and get that preference to be oriented towards the surfaces and places that we want?

My Puppy Will Poop Outside But not Pee: Constantly Peeing in the house?

Especially if there are more dogs in the house it can happen that they mark the territory for the dominance of the environment. In this case, it may be useful to follow a path with a dog educator who can try to establish a greater balance between the subjects present in the house.

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In these situations, some people get angry and yell at their dog friend. Others even try to use physical punishment, and spank their furry companion. And we have all heard that you have to rub the dog’s nose in the pee

It can also happen that a dog alone exhibits this behavior.

The reason can be related to low self-confidence or too much dominance. Also in this case, an educational path with a dog trainer who can recognize the problem and solve it will be useful.
The use of anti- accustoming sprays can be a good help, but never decisive without adequate education.

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