Top 5 Ways To watch your pet while you’re not at home

How to watch your pet while you're not at home

Watch your dog or your cat when you leave home – We all care about our pets when we leave home. What they might be doing? Today There are many devices capable of recording your home and you can see it from your mobile or PC, but some are better than others.

Watch dog or cat at home

If you are interested in seeing your pet while you are not at home, in this article We collect some of the most popular devices and one of the best in value for money with those who can do it. Further, We teach you a simple way to do it for free or economically.

• Furbo interactive camera

This camera allows you See, talk and even throw cookies at your dog (or cat) wherever you are. Send you notices to your mobile if the dog is barking. Has night vision so you can see your pet well even if it’s dark.

• EyeOn Pet Monitor – D-Link

This surveillance camera has night vision, motion and sound detector. It has two-way audio, zoom and can be schedule nannies or capture snapshots.

Petcube Camera – Bites / Play

There are several models of Petcube Camera. Which throw cookies or prizes on your pet; It is the Bites version and the other version is called Play. You can, apart from See, talk and hear your pet, play with her (with the Play version) since it has a laser that is fired in game mode (certified as safe for humans and animals). With the Bites version you can throw prizes. Both have night vision.

Xiaomi YI Home Camera

This camera is very basic and economical, but highly effective. Can see the house, receive sound and talk too (bidirectional audio). It also has zoom and night vision. It is worth enough to monitor the house, pets or babies.

Everything will depend on our needs, but if what you need is simply to see your pet and little else, with the Xiaomi Yi Home (or similar price, with good ratings) We will have more than enough.

A free or cheap way to do it:

If we have the Skype application on our mobile or tablet and we have another old mobile or tablet that we don’t use mainly, we can put it focusing where we want (a high place of wide vision and where it does not fall). Skype has an option to pick up the video call automatically. So, when you want to see, you will simply have to have the device turned on, make a call and that’s it.

And you, do you have any named or not named here? What do you think? Leave us your comment!

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