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Is it appropriate to trim the cat’s claws?

Is it appropriate to trim the cat's claws? - My animals

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Is it appropriate to trim the cat’s claws?

Many kitten owners wonder if the cat’s claws should be trimmed. Feline’s nails grow continuously. Thanks to the function of the flexor tendons, the cat claws are retractable and, therefore, visible only when they are extended. For this reason, they do not wear out naturally.

Before cutting the cat’s claws, know its anatomy

Cat’s nails are made up of two parts: One part is keratinized, formed by the superposition of corneal layers, the other is the nail bed or nail pulp, which contains the nerves and blood vessels. The cat has five fingers on the front legs and four on the back. The fifth finger allows the cat to climb.

The use of feline claws

The claws are involved in almost everything a cat does during his waking hours. For example, when you nail them and pull against the resistance in your scraper, it energizes and tones the upper part of your body.

During game time, their claws hook the flying air toys and hold them in place. When he runs through the house and climbs the stairs, his claws act as studs to provide additional traction.

When you climb your kitty condo, use your claws as miniature mountaineering crampons that allow you to reach the top with ease. Additionally, a cat uses claws to scratch, manipulate mice, grab a narrow walkway and grab a surface to maintain stability during grooming.

Cat with scraper

A scratching cat is a happy cat

A cat scratches to release stress, affirm the territory and exercise the muscles. Claws are the heart of the torn: the effort, the visual impact, the noise of tearing, the smells, is a powerful stress reliever for the cat.

Claws are even used in self-expression; for example, a slight extension of the claws is a subtle way of saying: “I am tired of being hugged and I am ready to go down.”

In some circumstances, the claws are lifeguards, allowing a cat to climb to a safe place or frustrate an attacker. For all these reasons, surgically removing a cat’s claws is considered illegal or is effectively prohibited..

What is the best scraper for your cat?

Cats have defined requirements for a scratch post. First, the scratch post should be located near the place where the cat sleeps, since most cats mark the territory near their sleeping area.

The cat should also feel that the pole is located in a prominent position, since it makes no sense to mark the territory in a location that is not noticeable.

Additionally, the preferred cover must have a defined longitudinal tissue or grain, which allows the cat to nail its claws and get a long stroke.

Finally, the pole must be taller than the cat when it stands on its hind legs, and firm enough not to tip over.

Cat claws

Why trim cat claws regularly

  • Too large nails become curved and do not retract completely. You will know if your cat’s nails have grown too much if your cat gets stuck on carpets or other soft surfaces, or if your cat can no longer retract its nails.
  • If the claws are too long, They can grow towards the foot pad, which will cause significant pain and mobility problems.
  • In cases of very sedentary or elderly kittens, who do not exercise much and can also neglect their own grooming, trimming the nails improves their quality of life.
  • To avoid infections, a claw that is too long can also cause an infection where it punches the foot pad, which in turn can cause more pain and problems for your cat.

When in doubt if it is appropriate to trim the claws of the cat, in general it is considered okay to leave the claws without intervening. This is so unless your cat’s claws have grown too much and run the risk of becoming incarnate or causing other problems to the cat.

However, if the interaction with your cat is more traumatic for you than is comfortable, there is no problem in simply cutting the end of the claws so that they are a little less sharp.

Why are cats so agile and flexible?

Cats are so agile and flexible that they can access almost anywhere without finding any physical limitations. Read more “

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