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Chartreux cat health issues: Find them out today

Chartreuse Turinys (Dekarto Katė)


Chartreux cat health issues: Find them out today

Chartreux cat health issues: cats are no different from many other breeds. For the first two weeks in the new house, Chartreux will adapt, explore the area and get to know the hosts. Chartreux should be introduced to other animals in the house gradually and only under human supervision. Animals should not be left alone until a friendly or at least non-hostile relationship develops between them. During this period, it is also recommended to keep the kitten in one room and then gradually allow the Chartreux to enter other rooms in the house.

During this period, it is important to start raising the Cartesian cat immediately. Rules and restrictions must be established immediately and followed by all family members. You should also gradually get used to the grooming procedures. By the time the Chartreux kitten shows up at home, the necessary preparations should be made: purchase of a carrier, a case, bowls, a scratching post, items and care products, food (sleeping and walking equipment – at the owner’s discretion), veterinary first aid set.

Chartreux works great without its own bed, but if you have the financial means, you can buy a house. In it, pets can hide, relax, be alone – orally, the house will help them stay calm. Chartreux, cartesian cat, Chartreux cat, cat breed photo cat photo

The carrier will have to transport the bitter kitten to a new home, later – for trips to the vet, for trips to the dacha, for a visit, to an exhibition, etc. The carrier should be of such a size that the adult boar can lie down freely (special cart for cats). or small breed dogs).

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At Chartreux you can choose any toilet (tray with or without grid, dry cabinet), but it is best that it is similar or similar to the breeder, as this will ease the dependence. When using litter, you will also need to buy a shovel and lay a rug on the floor in front of the toilet to make it easier to clean up scattered or spilled litter.

It is recommended to buy ceramic or porcelain bowls, but metal and glass are also suitable. Plastic bowls are undesirable due to their specific properties. The bowl of water should be deep and the bowl of food wide. They should be kept separate from other dishes in the house and washed regularly.

A scratch post is a very important item in the home. Usually the breeder teaches the kitten this, so the task of the new owners is only to pay attention to the new scratching post, promoting its use and changing it as soon as the need arises. Pet stores offer a huge selection of various scratch posts, but it’s worth noting that cats are most attractive with high poles upholstered in dense fabric.

Chartreuse, cartesian cat, chartreuse cat, cat breed photo cat photo
Chartreux cartesian cat, Chartreux cat, cat breed photo cat photo

Chartreux has a balanced, calm character, which is especially evident at the age of 4-5, so do not expect any special profanity from them. However, precautions need to be taken. Valuables or fragile items should not be left where the animal can reach them. Poisonous plants must be taken to an inaccessible height or closed at the entrance to this hall. Electrical wires should be secured or concealed for at least the first 2-3 years. Descartes cats are moderately curious, but it is still recommended not to leave pest repellent, open containers with household chemicals, water buckets and aquariums without lids, small items that can be swallowed by a pet, ropes, and so on.

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Chartreux tolerates loneliness quite calmly. Toys will help meet the need for movement and enliven leisure time. Balls and rope toys have been found to look most attractive to Descartes cats.

The ideal conditions for maintaining a Chartreux certainly involve a lot of love, attention and care from their owners.

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