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15 Big Fluffy Cat Breeds To Powder Your Face + Heartbreaking Common Illnesses

Big Fluffy Cat Breeds

Cat Breed

15 Big Fluffy Cat Breeds To Powder Your Face + Heartbreaking Common Illnesses

Big fluffy cat breeds/ Furry cats – Big cats evoke affection and a desire to stroke the fluffy side. Individuals of any breed are able to grow up large and fat, but there are a variety of cats that generally look bigger than their counterparts.

Big Fluffy Cat Breeds

Big Fluffy Cat Breed: Fat Cat

The Maine Coon is a breed of a large cat. Males can weigh up to twelve kilograms, and among the lovers of these animals, there are legends about cats, which weighed all fifteen. These giant mousetraps appeared in the northeastern United States in Maine. The harsh climate of the region has influenced the emergence of such an unusual breed: the best to live in such conditions were adapted to large furry cats. Maine Coons were kept by local farmers, as these cats were excellent at catching mice and other small rodents that threatened the farm.`

Maine Coon Appearance The Maine Coon is a large muscular cat with broad strong paws and large ears. The hair on the head and neck of these animals is short, on the back and sides it is elongated. In addition, Maine Coons have a luxurious fluffy collar and tassels on the already long ears. The color of wool in this breed can vary. The color of cats can be black, white, gray, brown, as well as any combination of these shades. There are also bright red Maine Coons.

The fruit of the love of a cat and a raccoon “Maine Coon” means “Maine raccoon”. The breed got its name due to the similarity of animals with raccoons. People who did not understand biology, for a long time, considered a shaggy Maine Coon with tassels on his ears and a characteristic striped color the result of a love affair between a raccoon and a cat. Of course, there are no raccoons among the ancestors of the Maine Coons, but the name is fixed on the breed.

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