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Albino Red-Eyed Hamsters: White | Syrian | Blindness| Infections

The “albino Red-Eyed hamster” is one of the easiest to recognize due to its physical characteristics, but it is also one of the most difficult hamsters to find, since they are not common. The white albino hamster, which has eyes of a red or pinkish hue, causes mixed and conflicting feelings in people.

But, despite the exotic and even frightening appearance, the hamster with red eyes, except for the appearance is almost no different from other brethren. This little rodent has completely white fur, pale pink skin and red eyes.

Hamsters are one of the animals most chosen by people who do not want to feel alone but who do not have much time to offer their pet. It is a small rodent that is easy to care for and does not require expensive care. 

It is not a breed of hamster by itself, but rather a variant of other hamster species already known, such as the golden or Syrian hamster or the Russian hamster.

There are many types of hamster, 18 species classified into seven families, among which the Russian, the roborowski, the Syrian or golden, the Chinese, the Campbell’s dwarf and the albino stand out.

The ideal rodent breed as a pet is the golden or common hamster since it is docile and does not usually try to escape, although it must be taken into account that due to its size it will require a larger cage than the one needed by a roborowskii hamster, which is smaller, for example.


An albino hamster is completely white with pink feet and red eyes. You have to pay special attention to these last two details so as not to confuse it with a white rodent. For the animal to be albino it must have the albino gene, both from the mother and the father, it is the only way to be able to possess said coloration. 

As for other physical characteristics, the albino hamster It is practically the same as the hamster of the breed to which the specimen belongs.

Albinism, present in many other animal species, is a gene that results in a lack of melanin or pigment in the skin and, especially, in the hair, which causes all the skin and hair to appear completely white. 

 Its weight is usually between 120-170 grams and the size will vary depending on whether it is a Syrian albino hamster or a Russian albino hamster.

Red Eye Hamster: Albino hamster – characteristics

albino gene:

This type of hamster is achieved as long as both parents have this albino gene, both the female and the male. Although it is true that people tend to believe that the albino hamster is blind, the truth is that it does have vision, although slightly worse than that of the rest of the hamster.


However, they possess a much more highly developed sense of smell to compensate for their poor vision . For this reason, before interacting with them or wanting to manipulate them, it is recommended to bring your hand close to the animal ‘s nose so that it can sniff to gain its trust.

In terms of other physical characteristics, the albino hamster is practically the same as the hamster of the breed to which the specimen belongs. Its weight is usually around 120-170 grams and the size will depend on whether it is a Syrian albino hamster or a Russian albino hamster.


Some albino hamsters are born without eyes. Those with this congenital problem are known as anophthalmic white hamsters, and unfortunately, they have a fairly short life expectancy. They do not usually exceed one year of life, compared to the two or three years that hamsters, in general, live on average.

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