About Us

Chinmay Yoga takes immense pleasure in welcoming you to its in-depth learning experience. This experience is more like an evolution of your life, carving a path to lead a more beautiful and healthy life. For us, at Chinmay Yoga, Yoga is a way of life and not just an activity, which requires a calm mind which is open to transforming and exploring.

We realized that the art of Yoga has turned into a word synonymous with a physical exercise and is treated like any regular physical fitness activity, making it seem like a sport. However, we, as an institute, strongly disapprove of such treatment and do not agree to present the art of Yoga as any common fitness exercises.

Our sole focus remains on reviving the original essence of Yoga, perfecting the body alignment and calming the mind and bringing peace to the soul. We aim at developing the culture of the art form that was followed by Patanjali and has been mentioned in the ancient manuscripts.

While other institutions simply are focusing on making money out of this, we are simply interested in spreading awareness relating to yoga and its benefits. We are an organization with the sole aim of imparting world-class facilities for promoting the art of yoga without making any profit. We only charge for the costs incurred, which includes accommodation, food and yoga teaching experts.