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All About The Abyssinian Cat



All About The Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is one of the most feline breeds ancient which is original Ethiopia, also called Abyssinia. The origin of the Abyssinian is controversial. In fact, the Abyssinian is very similar to the cats depicted in Ancient Egypt. In any case, its morphology is typical of Asian breeds with an elongated muzzle and almond-shaped eyes.

That’s why the Abyssinian could also be the ancestor of the Siamese and the Egyptian cat that died out.

In all likelihood, the Abyssinian originates from the coasts of the Indian Ocean and some areas of Southeast Asia. There race it was selected in England where in 1968 a specimen was imported which was then crossed with silver and brown-tabby cats and cats that had indigenous “ticking”. The Abyssinian breed was officially recognized in Britain in 1882.
Standard: The size is medium and the build is muscular and slender. The weight of males up to 4.7 kg, that of females up to 3.7 kg. It can even reach 18-20 years of age.

Morphology: The Abyssinian is an elegant-looking cat. The head is broad and slightly elongated. The Abyssinian’s nose forms a slight curve with the forehead, the chin is pronounced. Its profile shows a slight S-curve. His eyes are almond-shaped and rather lively, while the ears are relatively large, wide at the base and distant from each other. The ears are devoid of hair inside and in the best specimens they have a tuft of hair at the top.
The limbs are slender compared to the body and the bone structure is light. The legs are oval and minute while the tail which is rather long is broad at the base and pointed.

Coat and fur: The hair of the Abyssinian is short and is characterized by “ticking”, that is, each individual hair has a basic color, interrupted by two or three bands of darker pigment and always ends with a dark tip.
Between colors of the mantle there are the original one Usual or Ruddy, or a reddish brown color with dark tips. In this type of coat, the legs and the back of the hind limbs are always black.
Among the selected colors are the Sorrel, Blue, Fawn, Tortie, Rosso, Cream is Silver. The latter, however is not recognized by the CFA, the largest feline association in the United States.

Character: The Abyssinian is a very active, lively and very curious cat. It’s about a intelligent race and balanced who needs a lot of attention and company. It can be easily inserted with other cats and dogs, even if it loves to have its own spaces and does not like too large groups. Stay a “Giocarellone” even as an adult and after sterilization. The ideal context for the Abyssinian is the outdoor space where he can move freely. It is a breed suitable for one family with children.

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