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Airedale: the king of terriers

Airedale Terrier


Airedale: the king of terriers

The Airale Terrier it’s a British breed originally from the Airale region in Yorkshire. The breed was selected by the Aire fishermen, crossing Otterhound with the now extinct Black and Tan Terriers and entered the book of standard breeds in 1886.

The Airale Terrier was used for the hunting especially the otter, as the terrier swims easily even in cold climatic conditions or is also appreciated for eliminating rodents. In the British army during the First World War he was also employed as a messenger in the trenches.

Standard: Dog of medium size, wolf, classified as a terrier, ranging from 58 to 61 cm for males and from 56 to 58 cm for females with a weight varying from 11 to 25 kg in size. There head it is elongated with a flat skull and not too wide between the ears, narrowing towards the eyes which are dark, small and lively, while the ears, proportionate to the size of the specimen, they are carried in the shape of a V and laterally. The neck it tends to be muscular and of moderate length, while the thorax is deep but not wide. The back robust it is short and straight and finally the tail of medium length it is attached high and folded upwards. The Arts have a good bone structure, i feet they are small, round and compact.

Coat and fur: The head and ears are colored tan or a brown yellow as well as for the limbs up to the thighs. The body is black or dark gray. The hair is hard, thick and thorny, sometimes wavy.

Character: The Airale Terrier has a character friendly is confident, brave and intelligent. It is a very careful and non-aggressive breed. An active and robust dog with great adaptability that loves water.

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