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Cats on a leash? A fashion or a utility?

2nd December 1931: A young exhibitor arrives with her kitten on a lead at the National Cat Club show at Crystal Palace, London. (Photo by Fox Photos / Getty Images)


Cats on a leash? A fashion or a utility?

For many domestic cat lovers, the leash for cats it is a little eccentric and looks like a bizarre fashion that distorts the animal.

Yet to deny this rather widespread opinion, an expert on American animal behavior comes into play Sherry Woodard who highlighted how the leash can prove to be a useful and beneficial tool for cats, especially for those who live in the apartment and for whom a stroll does not hurt.

The expert recalls how cats are curious beings who love to explore and have contact with the earth, not to mention nailing trees! In short, the cat loves to leave the house and those few moments of exploration help him at the same time to become more thoughtful.

“The cat thinks more, thinks about how to use its body and finally experiences smells better. In this way, they are brighter and keep busy, ”says Woodard.

Obviously, for those who do not have the opportunity to let their domestic cat out, the leash test must be carried out with patience, therefore several attempts must be made to get the animal used to it.

First of all it is suggested to train the cat at home, getting used to accepting and wearing a harness. To do this, it is good to have the cat play with the collar, make it sniff and progressively make it wear. The harness must not be too tight, to avoid annoying the animal, nor too wide. It is good that the cat wears the bib at home for a few days at home before doing the test outside.

Subsequently, when the cat is sure of himself, you can start to make him discover the outside, leaving the door open and that the cat approaches the outside in a natural way. Initially, it is important to be very careful that the animal is not frightened, so the cat will also have to get used to outside noises.
Obviously, it is better to bring the animal to quiet places, away from the traffic and chaos of the cities

Slowly, your domestic cat will get used to walking on a leash and in all likelihood thanks to patience you will get great results and great satisfactions.

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