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Why is it nice to be a cat mother now –

Why is it nice to be a cat mother now -


Why is it nice to be a cat mother now –

For the last time since ancient times, when cats were worshiped as gods, now our cat heroes are equally important. From cat-inspired fashion, through cat film festivals, to cat-friendly decor. There are plenty of reasons to be a cat, and it’s even better to have a cat.

Cat’s high fashion

Cat lovers have many options – from dresses inspired by cats, through handbags, to earrings and heels, for every budget. Of course, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, has his own book and inspired various fashion lines. Lagerfeld said his cat is more famous than he is.

Cat-friendly apartments

Forget about prejudices – ideas about a flat filled with jagged rugs and traces of cat’s claws in every corner. Thanks to access to design inspirations such as, cats can create aesthetic cat-friendly homes. Kate Benjamin, website designer (and Vetstreet collaborator), offers everything a cool kitty needs in her home. From cat shelves to cuvettes, to paintings on the walls and much more. Phelps readers create beautiful spaces that also work well for cats.

Best friends

In her latest Diet Coke advertisement, cat lover Taylor Swift discovers that every time she takes a sip of soda, the cats in her home magically multiply. So what is she doing? Of course I drink! And Swift is not the only famous woman who is obsessed with her cat. Katy Perry, Rita Ora and Kristen Stewart are not afraid to flaunt their cats.

Talented Cat Lovers

Do you know people who openly love their favorite cats? Talented men throughout history have shown a tendency to adore their kittens. Marlon Brando was a pioneer. Today, Ian Somerhalder, Michael C. Hall, David Bowie, Morrissey and Ed Sheeran are just a few crazy cats.

Film festivals

Nobody knows exactly why cat movies are so popular. But after 10,000 cat lovers appeared at the first video festival at the Cat Walker Art Center in Minneapolis last year, the festival was franchised. Later he traveled all over the country to Los Angeles, and soon appeared in other cities. Other organizers have responded to cat frenzy with events such as Catdance that took place during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Cat heroes

Cat moms are not surprised to hear stories of cat heroism, but these stories confirm how unique cats are. From Tara’s cat – the hero who saved her beloved boy from an aggressive dog, to Pudditat, who is a guide for her best friend, a blind dog named Tervel. Cats are often unexpected protectors. It is known that cat moms take care of orphaned puppies, and there are numerous stories about cats that save families by warning them about fires at home. Cat mothers know that sharing a house with a cat is similar to sleeping with a superhero.

There are so many reasons to be a cat mother, but what is the best reason? lounging on the sofa with a purring cat.

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