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Why do dogs love to roll in the grass?



Why do dogs love to roll in the grass?

Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to roll in the grass? Sometimes, it seems that he/she is having a good time, while at other times it seems that they are trying to take something off.

Caregivers and animal behavior experts have suggested that the habit of rolling in the grass may be hereditary.. According to researchers at Wolf Park in Indiana, United States, wolves tend to roll on odors they find interesting.

Upon his return, the pack greets him and, during the greeting, thoroughly investigates the smell. Beyond the genetics of your puppy, rolling in the grass can be due to various reasons. In this article, we will explain some of the most common reasons in domestic dogs.

Roll in the grass to get rid of discomfort in their fur

The truth is that rolling on the grass probably serves several functions. It is very possible that it is a way to get rid of any type of uncomfortable or itchy trash. This garbage can be attached to the back of your dogs, such as dirt, pine sap, and bird droppings … Sometimes, birds have a very good aim !.

Your dog’s need to roll in the grass can also be an indication of a health problem that is causing itching. This may include problems such as skin allergies or flea and tick bites. Have a veterinarian examine your dog to identify the underlying cause. In addition, we suggest you start a preventive regimen against fleas and ticks.

Roll in the grass to transmit odors

Another reason why your dog likes to roll in the grass it may be because there is a specific smell that has been detected in a particular patch of grass. Some predators, and dogs are a predatory species, like to roll in certain scents.

The speculation behind this particular behavior is that the new smell helps to hide the smell of its prey. For example, a wolf or coyote can roll on a patch of grass that a rabbit has impregnated, to effectively cover itself with the scent of its prey. Researchers believe that this may allow the wolf or coyote to approach their prey, which guarantees a more successful hunt.

Dog rolling in the grass

The olfactory superiority of dogs

A dog has more than 220 million olfactory receptors in the nose compared to 5 million receptors for humans, according to Dr. Julio Correa, associate professor of Food and Animal Sciences at the University of Alabama.

According to a comparative review of the olfactory abilities of humans and animals, it supports the idea that mammals such as dogs and rats are more sensitive to odorants than humans and appear to be better at discriminating between different concentrations of an odorant

The notion that the olfactory sensitivity of the dog is better than that of humans is supported by reports in which the same researchers compared dogs and humans. In 1984, Krestel et al., For example, reported that dogs (beagles) are approximately 300 times more sensitive than humans to some specific odors.

Roll in the grass, relaxation or dermatological irritation?

Finally, your dog may like to roll in the grass because it feels good: find a soft area to lay your body and stretch, also to scratch your back and sunbathe.

Consider how relaxed or intense your dog’s behavior is when rolling in the grass. A slow and relaxed twist from side to side with your legs raised in the air can be an indication of your emotional health and mental state.

Rubbing your face, neck or back with more energy or strength may mean that it is getting a little bit fixed or that you are reacting to a smell. However, if your behavior is very intense or repetitive or lasts a long time, you should consult your veterinarian in case it is a sign that something might be irritating you, such as an underlying dermatological condition.

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