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Why do dogs hide?


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Why do dogs hide?

Dogs hide for a variety of reasons, including anxiety or illness. For example, if dogs are dealing with body aches, they may want to find a tight place to disappear for a moment.

A dog can also hide in times of great anxiety, such as thunderstorms or parties with many people. They will feel more secure if they are hidden under the bed, as it separates them from any chaotic noise or stress.

Some dogs hide for fear

It is possible that the dog flees to hide before a situation that generates fear. It could be a thunderstorm or, perhaps, you have a house full of strange people. This behavior is due to the dog looking for a place that he considers safe.

To stop this behavior you can use counterconditioning and numbing techniques. These strategies seek to make the dog comfortable with what used to scare them.

For example, if it is thunder that leads him to hide, you can play smooth recordings of thunder while giving him goodies, and many compliments when he feels calm. Increase the volume slowly until you no longer react to the sound.

A dog that hides may be a concern in cases of anxiety or illness; If you are worried about this behavior, do not hesitate to take your dog to the veterinarian.

Dogs hide because of pain and illness

Frequently, illness and pain can cause a dog to hide. This could be the case if you observe other symptoms; For example, your dog is lethargic, a little grumpy or not eating well.

If the behavior of hiding is sudden, it is better to take it to the vet for a checkup. Your veterinarian can perform tests to determine if something is wrong and treat any medical condition. Once your dog feels better, he probably won’t want to hide anymore.

It may be that your dog needs a relaxing holiday

It is possible that your dog simply needs a pleasant and relaxing place to sleep. Dogs are den animals and it may be that a hiding place resembles a large cave where it can snuggle. In this case, it is better to leave it only for a while.

It is also possible for a stressed dog to disappear to deal with his anxiety. Maybe a new pet is bothering you or recently had a traumatic experience.

It is necessary to understand that a dog may be anxious for many reasons, perhaps a recent move to a new house, a death or a newcomer to the family. The recommendation is to accompany and wait for your dog to adapt to whatever is bothering him.

Dogs hide behind trees

Maybe your dog is accumulating a treasure

It is possible that your dog is simply hiding his most precious possessions, including his favorite toys and possibly your shoes.

Just like a dog could bury a bone outside to bite it later, a dog that lives in a house can hide its little treasures. Some puppies accumulate their things in places they consider safe.

How can you stop this behavior in your dog?

The main recommendation, in case the behavior is due to anxiety, is to maintain a daily routine. Keeping a schedule is important, which means feeding, walking and playing with your dog on a regular basis.. Knowing the routine reduces anxiety in pets.

It is also a good idea to offer a relief area, a safe place for your dog to escape. A quiet bedroom where your dog can go to get away from the shock and being alone can help relieve anxiety.

Finally, never force your dog to interact with new people or unknown pets. Let him be, when ready, who initiates the contact.

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