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Why do Dogs get braces: Orthodontics Pictures of dogs with Braces

appliance dog teeth


Why do Dogs get braces: Orthodontics Pictures of dogs with Braces

Why do Dogs get braces: Orthodontics Pictures of dogs with braces: Even the dog may have a dental problem such as to require a little help: let’s find out together when you need a braces for dogs.

appliance dog teeth
The appliance on the dog’s teeth (Photo iStock)

If the dog has some small teeth anomaly, it may need a dental appliance: for example, teeth that protrude or oversize compared to the optimal size, which can make chewing on our four-legged friend difficult and painful.

Orthodontic appliances have been used by veterinary dentists since the 1980s and are often instruments and devices “borrowed” from human orthodontics: the use of a dental device in dogs it is due to needs that are very different from the aesthetic ones, being closely linked to the need to normalize the dog’s bite and its teeth in general.

When is a dog dental treatment needed?

Dog's teeth
Orthodontics for dogs (Pixabay Photo)

The braces can help dogs who have to deal with various types of health problems, from supernumerary teeth to oral cancer.

In most cases, the orthodontic appliance is prescribed to dogs suffering from malocclusion: it is a pathology of the dog’s teeth that arises from the discrepancy in the measurements of the bone bases that support the teeth, or from an incorrect positioning of the teeth or a combination of the two conditions.

Other possible problems are those related to the inability to properly close the jaw due to a discrepancy in length: for example, when the lower jaw is shorter than the upper one.

The braces for dogs is useful if Fido’s milk teeth did not fall out in normal times and therefore the dog’s mouth is too crowded, also increasing the risk of developing infections.

Finally, it is possible that the veterinarian dentist chooses to intervene with a device for more extreme cases, such as dogs whose part of the jaw is removed due to cancer.

Diagnosis of the veterinary dentist

To decide if the dog needs a braces, you have to rely on a good veterinary dentist, who will be able to make the right diagnosis: usually, problems that require an instrument of this kind occur when Fido is still young and in particular around 4-6 months of age, when the dog’s teething process can be said to be complete.

Puppies do not always show discomfort or pain due to tooth problems: sometimes, in the mildest cases, it is very difficult to understand if the teeth of our faithful furry friend are in place or not. That’s why it becomes fundamental subject the dog to an accurate dental examination around 6 months of age.

If the dog reveals problems such as to have to resort to the appliance to the teeth, the veterinarian will have to subject it to a series of checks and exams to understand if it is the ideal candidate or if it is appropriate to proceed with other methods, such as the extraction of the tooth (or teeth) causing the problem.

What are the dogs that can have Braces

dog tooth decay
Teeth problems for the dog (Pixabay Photo)

Not all dogs are ideal candidates for an orthodontic appliance: the procedure to apply it, in fact, requires a surgery under total anesthesia which can also be done in multiple separate rounds. The dog must therefore be healthy and fit enough to be able to withstand one or more anesthesia.

In the course of anesthesia, in addition to applying the device, the veterinarian also proceeds to perform the necessary teeth cleaning operations and to perform the necessary radiographs: usually, each operation can last for a time between 30 and 90 minutes.

What to do if Fido wears a braces for dogs

Caring for a dog with braces it is an important commitment to undertake: home treatment requires great attention to cleaning operations, with daily brushing of the teeth and rinses with a specific oral antiseptic. The dog will have to be fed for a while with soft food, while the chewing of snacks and toys is strictly forbidden until otherwise indicated by the veterinarian.

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