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Why do cats stare at nothing: The Unexpected Reasons

The cat looks at emptiness


Why do cats stare at nothing: The Unexpected Reasons

Why do cats stare at nothing: Does the cat stop and look at the emptiness? He could do it for various reasons: that’s all there is to know when our kitty stares at nothing.

The cat looks at emptiness (Photo AdobeStock)

Cats are always an amazing source of discovery, you know. But the fact that they stop to stare at the void leaves even the owners themselves stunned. In fact, it seems that it is the habit of the kitty to stop and reflect, looking at a point that ‘is not there’, a bit like humans do not think. But in the end what worries and dilemmas afflict the cat to be in meditation looking at the void? The reasons why it does so may surprise even the most experienced of masters. Here are all the reasons why the cat looks at emptiness.

The curious behaviors of the cat

Puss at the window
Puss at the window (Photo AdobeStock)

Staring into the void is just one of the strangest behaviors of our cats, although it is not new to be amazed at what they do. Felines are truly amazing! Think about when it brings home its prey (mice, insects and various odds and ends) after hunting, or when it moves as if prey to a raptus of madness. The fact of fixing the void is therefore only one of the most curious behaviors of the cat, who perhaps enjoys giving free rein to his desire to ‘express himself’, while everyone looks at him in amazement.

Often these attitudes have a playful purpose at the base: it could only be his way of playing! Of course some of them can really be weird, such as that of sleep in the bidet just because it is a cooler place to find refreshment on long sultry days. Or they are dictated by a state of excitement, such as when the cat sees a flying prey and already anticipates its capture. Other behaviors then derive from childhood, such as when he kneaded the womb with his paws and now he does it on a pillow (Read here: Why cats knead each other and make the dough on my belly). Oh yes, cats are really special!

The cat looks at emptiness: all causes

The cat looks at emptiness
The cat looks at emptiness: that’s why it behaves like this (Fpto Pixabay)

If we have surprised our cat several times to look at a white spot, a wall, or simply a place where there does not seem to be anything so interesting, it is normal to wonder why. Sometimes this behavior is accompanied by a series of other ‘signals’, such as the move the tail from top to bottom, or dilate the pupils. So here are the reasons why a cat stares into space.

  • He saw a prey: if so, it would look in the direction of the insect or the object on duty. But often we don’t look at that, but we hypothesize the direction it could take, so as to ‘play’ in advance. Think of the flight of a butterfly or the jerk of a ball: the cat thinks where it will go to be able to catch it, it does not pursue its movement in vain, risking to make it move away. And then let’s not forget that the cat’s sight is extremely developed, so a tiny insect that could completely go unnoticed to us, has actually already gone to the feline scanner.
  • Feels the magnetic fields: the cat’s whiskers are said to be used as radar to ‘feel’ the movement not only of air but also of energy around him. This theory it has no scientific basis, although some think that it also applies to atmospheric phenomena: if a thunderstorm is about to arrive, it is assumed that the cat knew it from the first thanks to its mustache . Precisely because its radar, pardon ‘mustache’, would be able to perceive the concentration of electrostatic charges.
  • Plays: cats are known to be great pranksters! He could just stare at the void to prepare for his next pastime, such as to hunt to some imaginary prey.
  • Rests: maybe he is tired and just wants to stay on his own, as in a sort of meditation exercise. On the other hand, the cat is an animal that loves its solitude and is very jealous of its moments of intimacy, in which maybe it can also relax and not necessarily have to want to play or be in company.

What if it was magic?

Open-mouthed cat
Open-mouthed cat (Photo AdobeStock)

Another belief wants the cat to be endowed with magical powers. Some have even come to think that felines see the ghosts and this is why they fix what the human eye is not allowed to see. As if cats had a gift, that of seeing higher entities, a sort of sixth sense that we humans cannot imagine. The most disturbing thing is that, even if we try to call him, he does not look away from anything.

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