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The Reasons Might Be Alarming – Why Do Cats Like Catnip

The Reasons Might Be Alarming - Why Do Cats Like Catnip

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The Reasons Might Be Alarming – Why Do Cats Like Catnip

Why Do Cats Like Catnip – Catnip – what is this plant? Why do some cats literally go mad, smelling its smell, while others are completely indifferent to it? What effect does mint have on pets? Is she safe? Answers to all these questions you will learn in our article.

What is catnip?

Catnip is a perennial herb of the Euro-Central Asian species. It is found in Russia, Front and Central Asia, Central and Southern Europe, in India, Nepal and Pakistan. It grows on forest edges, wastelands, along roads. Many grow an unpretentious plant in front gardens or at home.

The official name of catnip is catnip (lat. Népeta catária). Obviously, the plant owes its name to a striking effect on most cats: both domestic and wild. However, in the main, catnip is used in areas that are far from the animal industry: medicine, cooking and perfumery.

What is catnip

Why do cats love catnip?

The reason for the indifferent attitude of cats to catnip is Nepetalacton essential oil. Its content in the plant is about 3%. Nepetalactone has a rich aroma, similar to lemon. This fragrance acts on cats like pheromone and attracts at the genetic level. The wild panther feels the same delight from the catnip as the stuffed British Brit.

How does catnip act on cats?

From the smell of catnip, the cat changes dramatically in behavior. She forgets about pranks and noble cat inviolability: she becomes incredibly affectionate, begins to purr, roll on the floor, rub against the source of the fragrance, tries to lick it and eat.

Many cats stretch to their full height and doze sweetly. Hyperactive cats relax and calm down, and indifferent lazy dogs, on the contrary, liven up and become curious.

This euphoria lasts 10-15 minutes. Then the pet comes to life and for some time loses interest in the plant.

It is believed that catnip affects cats like a pheromone. In varying degrees, it causes an imitation of sexual behavior, but not all cats are sensitive to it.

The cat does not respond to catnip

The cat does not respond to catnip
Brown and white tabby cat playing with a toy mouse

Kittens up to 6 months (that is, before puberty) are indifferent to the plant scent. Approximately 30% of adult cats also do not respond to catnip, and this is completely normal. Sensitivity to the plant, as a rule, is inherited. If your kitten’s mom or dad loved catnip, he would probably follow their example as an adult.

Catnip Vs Valerian

In nature, there is another plant to which cats are not indifferent. This is valerian officinalis, also known as “cat’s grass,” “cat’s root,” or “meow-grass.”

Valerians are used to prepare medications for nervous tension and sleep disorders. But these drugs are for people, not for cats!

Ask any veterinarian, and he will answer that valerian cats cannot be given as a fun or anti-stress. This is not only a health issue, but also a pet’s life!

If catnip is not addictive and side-effect, then valerian for cats is like a dangerous drug. It exerts a huge load on the cardiovascular and digestive systems of the body, can cause hallucinations and bouts of fear, nausea, dizziness, convulsions. From a large number of valerian cat may die.

Catnip is harmless and non-addictive. Whereas valerian is dangerous for the health of the animal.

Can cats have catnip?

For a healthy cat, catnip is absolutely safe. It is not addictive and has no side effects. However, with nervous system disorders or an overly emotional reaction, the miracle herb from a cat is best kept away.

Is cat mint harmful to cats?

Cat meta is harmless to cats. There is only one risk to stumble upon a “nuisance”. Kotovnik better sniff, but not eat. If a pet eats a lot of catnip, stomach upset cannot be avoided.

If you want to pamper your pet with tasty grass, it is better to give him sprouted oats.

The benefits of catnip for cats

The benefits of catnip for cats
Cat licks catnip Nepeta Catar, sweets for pets cats

The property of catnip is very valuable in the pet industry, because the catnip is a great assistant in the correction of the purring behavior.

  • Want to teach a cat to claw? Choose catnip kogtetochku
  • Want to lure the game? Will help toys with catnip
  • Accustom to the bed? Spray the bed with catnip.
  • Remove stress or just pamper? Toys and treats with catnip to help!

Buy kogtetochka, toys, treats, and sprays with catnip can be in any pet store. Be sure: they will only benefit your cat!

Catnip: What effect does it have on cats?

Catnip shows by its namesake a resounding effect. But the plant is not suitable for every cat.

It smells a bit like lemon and magically attracts cats: catnip has a euphoric effect on the animals. Used properly, the plant can make relaxed four-legged friends relaxed and wake up the play instinct. But beware: If the animal reacts too vigorously to the mint, halter should rather do without it.

Catnip attracts cats irresistibly

Many cat owners know the problem: Whenever the next appointment at the vet pending, the four-legged struggles against his transport box. A little dried catnip strewn in, the miracle can work. Nothing favors cats more than the smell of the plant native to Asia, southern Europe and South Africa. “Known was the phenomenon that catnip has a very large attraction to cats, already in the Middle Ages,” says Marius Tünte of the German Animal Welfare Association in Bonn. Meanwhile, it has been proven that the ingredient Actinidin is similar to a substance that excreted non-castrated female animals with their urine.

Catnip has an intoxicating and beguiling effect

Nevertheless, today the effect of the substance is not clarified in detail. “But it is noticeable that hangovers are often more attracted to the smell of catnip than queens,” explains Tünte. Velvet paws jumping on the smell wallowed and nibbled on the plant. “They also like rubbing against her, lolling and purring.” Catnip can have an intoxicating and beguiling effect on the four-legged friends, confirms Klaus Kutschmann of the Federal Chamber of Veterinary Medicine in Berlin.

Catnip makes tired cats happy

“If a cat is often very nervous, it can be more relaxed with the smell of catnip. But even with animals that lie all day on the sofa, it does not miss its effect. “So could be treated with catnip toy, which remained unnoticed long, suddenly interesting again. “For example, if you have a slightly overweight animal at home, it can make you move more with the help of the plant,” says Kutschmann.

Pet shop and health food store offer catnip

Cat owners could breed the mint itself or buy it in dried form, for example, in the health food store, says Heidi Kübler from the Society for Holistic Veterinary Medicine in Schallstadt in Baden-Württemberg. In the meantime, however, retailers are also offering toys pretreated with catnip. “This is indicated by the note” catnip “, the English term for catnip.” Very popular are small jute sacks, which are filled with dried catnip. «This toy or small stuffed animal can be found in the pet shop. Many cats can be animated to play with it, “says Tünte.

Transport box becomes attractive with catnip

Even a catfish-treated Rascheltunnel – an elongated tube and a popular toy – awakens unimaginable energy in tiger tigers, says Kübler. The same applies to the scratching post. If the animal tends to sharpen its claws preferably on the home sofa, a few drops of catnip suffice to make the tree more attractive. Even a transport box is suddenly interesting thanks to catnip. “The animal, for example, can be lured in more easily if a medical appointment is due or if it has to be temporarily housed in a pension.”

Some cats react aggressively

Nevertheless, catnip should not be used on every animal, Tünte says. “For some animals, the substance is not soothing, but very euphoric.” Watching pet owners that their cat reacts extremely violently to the toy and even becomes aggressive, they should not offer it better.

Catnip is not toxic

Over-anxious cat owners also fear that catnip may be toxic. But this is unfounded: “In the form in which we find them in the pet shop in the toy or as a plant itself, the cat cannot be harmed,” says Tünte.

Is catnip dangerous for cats?

Of course, those who are interested in their little pets do not want to give them any means without knowing what dangers lie behind them. Is Catnip dangerous for cats? In many reports, catnip (Catnip) is referred to as a cat drug because the effects on cats are quite impressive. 

Catnip dangerous? – What you should know

Well, what dangers are behind the plant? First, one should know that the essential oils of catnip in concentrated form can cause irritation of the skin in humans and cats . However, such a highly concentrated catnip oil can not be purchased at all, so that a danger from this direction is rather low. However, being aware of this fact can not hurt.

Confusion! Anyone who plans to breed catnip and let the result be his favorite four-legged friends should attentively order the necessary seeds. There are species of this genus that are poisonous, especially the many ornamental mints should not be offered as a toy for cats. In general, it is important to ensure that seeds of any kind are not distorted by our cats.

The last item on the list of possible dangers is the hallucinogenic effect on cats, which is more or less described depending on the breed. Ultimately, one thing is certain, the effect sounds again after 2 hours at the latest. Increased aggression was seen in some cats when catmint was administered for a prolonged period of time, but the intake was abruptly interrupted. These observations may indicate addiction, but are not meaningful enough for a substantiated assertion. Also, certain essential oils or fragrances can cause stress in cats, but this has not been definitively demonstrated in the context of catnip.


The catnip is dangerous for cats can be excluded in principle if you do not use this plant as a panacea. If the kittens become aggressive, pee in the corners, or do not feel like cuddling, it’s not the way to use catnip as a “parenting method.” The plant should be used only if you want to reward your cat, but then only in moderation.

Finally, it should be noted that the actual impact cannot be proven 100%. How catnip affects in the long run, only our cats can tell us. The manufacturers can not and certainly do not want this. To answer the question at the beginning: Catnip dangerous for cats? No! But as always, the dose is the music.

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