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Why Cats prefer women ? Alarming Discovery



Why Cats prefer women ? Alarming Discovery

According to some research, such as a study conducted in 2011 by the University of Vienna and published in the journal Behavioral Processes, the cats basically prefer women. The study showed that felines mostly use them techniques of babies like purring, meowing or clinging to clothes imitating puppies when they approach the mother’s body, with the female owners. Even in the physical contact, the cat is more insistent with women than with men.

In short, it is a natural behavior in how much the cat since puppy entertains a unique relationship with the mother. This element is typical in all mammals who receive more care from their mother than not only nursing them but also educating them, also teaching them how to hunt, get food and identify the dangers. In short, the mother is still the mother in every species!

Here then is the cat in approaching humans, adopt puppy-like behavior like when he was with his mother. A sort of eternal “big boy” who responds more ai impulses of a woman.

Vice versa, the woman is more sensitive and with respect to man, it responds to childhood calls, a bit with the “red cross” spirit. A researcher explained that “for women, the cat’s meow unconsciously links it to the cry of a child”.

The woman compared to the man, by relating to the animal, also assumes one sweetest voice and the cat is very sensitive to voice call, so the more the woman will talk to the cat, the more this will take on a strong relationship with her mistress.

Obviously, other scientists instead they argued that these elements and behaviors are also related to the fact that cats have more contacts with the housewife, as often and willingly it is she who is most present and who takes care of them.

Here are the arcane reasons that are hidden in the relationship between cats and a woman and why the cat prefers to “ambush” women. A behavior that has been taught to them since puppies when the mother played with them to teach puppies to defend themselves.

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