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Why and when to sterilize your cat

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Why and when to sterilize your cat

For many the sterilization it is a violence that we inflict on the animal, depriving it of its nature, so there are different schools of thought. However, in addition to containing the phenomenon of overpopulation of some species, as well as the phenomenon of abandonments, sterilization also affects the health and on the animal’s body, in case protecting from possible outbreaks of diseases related to the intimate organs, in the event that the unsterilized animal does not reproduce

Some species, like our beloved ones cats, they also tend to reproduce many times throughout the year, doing litters quite conspicuous which will prove difficult to manage the exponential increase the number of kittens, in a given neighborhood of a city or even just in a private house. Here then chaos is created and the adventure begins in order to find someone who wants a nice pelosino puppy …

Often it is not easy and so many animals are left at the mercy of their destiny and face an uncertain life, as, as experts point out, the cat has now entered the category of pet for which it no longer exists his ecosystem in nature to feed independently and there are no longer predators that regulate their reproduction.

It is no coincidence that, for example, just this year in Australia, the government approved a strategy to combat overpopulation of cats that have become wild, so in the next five years they will be bring down 2 million domestic cats in Australian territory to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

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