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Why a prevention plan for my dog ​​or cat?


Why a prevention plan for my dog ​​or cat?

Prevention plans or veterinary health plans are quite widespread in the United States and in Anglo-Saxon countries, they are now arriving in France. What is a prevention plan? What is it used for ? What are the benefits for a pet owner? A financing solution that is studied, we tell you more …

In the United States, prevention plans were created in the 1980s by a chain of veterinary clinics on the basis of a simple observation: dog or cat owners would be more comfortable if the health-related expenses of their animals were smoothed over the year, which avoids leaving large sums at once by distributing these sums evenly every month.

The main goal of a health plan is to promote the prevention of diseases, in fact, it is always better to prevent than to cure and by taking this kind of “subscription”, you go more regularly to your veterinarian.

What does the prevention plan include?

The simplest health plan includes one or two annual visits with vaccines, external pest control treatments and dewormers for the whole year.

But the evolution of the formulas can go so far as to also include interventions (sterilization, scaling, etc.) and monitoring of chronic diseases (diabetes, arthritis, etc.), hygiene products such as eye cleansers. , ears, and also food …

In fact, the health plan is established with the veterinarian treating the animal and is adaptable to each case.

The value of these services and products is calculated over the year and divided by the number of months. The plan is subscribed for one year and tacitly renewable, but the owner is of course free to end it when he wishes.

This prevention plan is established in the clinic of your treating veterinarian and is subscribed with a private third party.

The animal owner’s regulations go to the organization, which then pays for the veterinary clinic, everything is entered and summarized in software.

Some clinics may choose to set up a “VIP” or preferential service to offer their very good customers, who have subscribed to this prevention plan, additional services, events, etc.

What are the benefits of a prevention plan?

  • Promote prevention and therefore prevent the occurrence of diseases in animals
  • Offer payment facilities (less large expenses thanks to smoothed expenses over the year)
  • Promote compliance with prescribed treatments (flea and deworming)
  • Have a global health approach
  • Dissociate payment from the visit to the veterinarian

Do not hesitate to talk to your veterinarian if you are interested!

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