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Which cats are better – boys or girls and who is better to get in the apartment?


Which cats are better – boys or girls and who is better to get in the apartment?

Even those who know that cats are the best of all pets still have something to argue about. Which cats are better – boys or girls and who is better to get in the apartment? The decision which sex to choose for the pet matters, because the cat and the cat can sometimes behave very differently. If you get your first animal, it is very important to understand in advance whether you want a cat or a cat in your apartment.

What is your favorite pet in the apartment?

In a sense, a cat and a cat can be divided according to the same stereotypes as men and women. Both types of cats pay much attention to their position in their family, but they express it in completely different ways. A cat is more likely to be passive-aggressive and more likely to show its character in relation to the owner. A male cat can be very aggressive towards other animals, as it wants to dominate its territory. Both males and females usually become aggressive if an unknown cat invades their territory.

If the cat feels that its territory is in danger, he will mark it as his own with the help of his urine. This often upsets the owners if there is, for example, a new sofa on the territory. This is what becomes the main reason for refusing to purchase a cat, because not everyone agrees to come to terms with this pronounced and pungent smell of the male. In this sense, a cat is better than a cat, as it does not mark territory.

The area in which the cat spends most of its time is called the “home zone”. Most cats are content with a smaller home range and usually stay within about 100 meters of their food bowl. This means that even if the cat lives in the apartment, but she is allowed to walk on the street, most females will remain in the area of ​​the house. Males are more fearless, they can be at a distance of a kilometer from the house, with all the problems that this can lead to. Fights with other cats, alien dogs and heavy vehicle traffic may become unsafe for your cat. For greater safety, it is better to have a female, or simply not let the male go outside and walk with him, having trained him in advance on a leash.

If the cat is only in the apartment, the cat is quite spacious apartment, especially if there are things that you can climb on (chest of drawers, wardrobe, bookshelf). A cat in this regard may be more restless, but many live with pleasure in four walls, especially if they never knew anything else.

Sterilization and castration of a pet

Uncastrated cat can be quite aggressive. As you would expect from a man living on testosterone, the cat has a much better chance of engaging in a fight and scratching you, a guest or your child. An uncastrated cat can show its aggression not only towards people; delicate things and fabrics, expensive wood and furniture can also suffer from claws.

As an added bonus, uncastrated cats give off the special secret of the odorous glands, which easily overcomes the potential of a regular deodorant. In addition, as soon as the cat goes outside, he can disappear for whole days and return in a couple of days in such a state that you need to immediately go to the veterinarian for expensive help.

An unsterilized cat is also a small problem for the owner. A cat is able to give birth several times a year. The cat, ready for mating, is not silent about this and very soon it will become very loud. Female cats indicate their readiness for mating, urging the man to a special type of scream. If at this moment the cat is kept indoors, it compensates for this with an even louder scream.

Any time of the day or night. She will also make a determined effort to escape from home. At such moments, cats become very restless, constantly require attention, can sleep poorly and eat less. The cat at such moments constantly spinning on the floor, bends and purses invitingly loudly. After mating, the female can immediately become pregnant and produce litter over and over again.

In general, the cat becomes much more satisfactory to the pet after sterilization. A pet can be sterilized and neutered at any time after it becomes sexually mature. This solves many behavioral problems and does not harm health; it is clearly more beneficial for health itself than annual offspring.

According to many owners of cats and cats, neutered males are more calm and friendly. Many believe that males are more affectionate and less cunning than females. Other owners find it best to have a cat because they are cute, feminine and playful. Cat adherents find cats more aggressive, but cats love playing more. Cats love attention, but are more independent.

In reality, everything depends on the personality of the animal, so it is impossible to clearly separate the habits and behavior of cats into male and female. However, there is still a general agreement between all owners that a castrated cat and a sterilized female will be much better and quieter pets. The bottom line is that cats are individual. Both cats and cats can be great companions.

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