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when were cats domesticated: scientific proof

cats have domesticated men


when were cats domesticated: scientific proof

when were cats domesticated: We are convinced that we have chosen to bring kitty into our homes, in fact the latest studies show that long ago cats have been tamed humans: this is why.

Cats have tamed humans: the whole truth (Adobe Stock Photo)

That cats are mysterious, elusive and surely never completely tameable animals is now well known: but would you have ever imagined that it was puss who domesticated the human being, and not the other way around? According to some recent archaeological discoveries, it would be just like this: cats would deliberately choose to domesticate humans for a specific reason.

The discovery, to say the least surprising, was born as a consequence of a study dedicated to the common mouse (Mus Musculus) and its global spread: mice represent one of the most invasive animal species in the world, which at some point in history literally invaded the territories inhabited byHomo Sapiens. The global spread of mice would also be closely linked to that of domestic cats: let’s find out together how it really went and why we can safely say that cats have tamed humans.

The archaeologist confirms: cats have domesticated humans

cat girl
A cat and his human friend (Adobe Stock Photo)

A study led by the archaeologist Thomas Cucchi of the Natural History Museum of Paris analyzed the remains of the teeth of 829 common mice, extracted from 43 different archaeological sites located between the territories of south-western Asia and south-eastern Europe. The oldest analyzed mouse was 40,000 years old, while the most recent one was around 3,000.

According to the results of the analysis on the findings, the common mouse would have arrived in the West directly from Asia at the beginning of the Neolithic era, approximately 14,500 years ago. Those who had hitherto been nomadic hunters and gatherers, gradually became permanent farmers until 12,000 years ago agriculture and the conservation of wheat and cereals were born. It is precisely then that the mice started to spread in the territories inhabited by men.

And apparently, very little time passed before the cats joined them: the clever felines approached humans because there they could hunt their favorite prey undisturbed, the common mice. It can be said that, as the mice entered the houses of men to take advantage of their grain reserves, the relationship that would prove to be millennial between cat and human being began.

Cats have domesticated humans to hunt mice: this is the incredible deduction that archaeologists led by Cucchi have reached, not even too ironically. And it is in the same way that humans moved from Asia to Europe that mice and consequently cats also moved. Apparently, the cat would have reached today’s Bulgaria some 6,400 years ago, Romania 5,200 years ago and Poland 5,000 years ago, and then spread across the continent.

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