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When do dogs become adults?

Perros madurez adultos

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When do dogs become adults?

When do dogs become adults? – Adulthood is the longest stage of the whole life cycle of the dog. Whether it is to know if we have to change their food for adult dog food or just out of curiosity, knowing when an adult dog is made is something that is always good to know. Is my dog ​​already an adult? Has my dog ​​reached maturity? Questions like that have an answer, but The answer varies according to the gender and size of the dog.

When do they pass from puppies to adults?

Females reach maturity before males, as usually happens with humans. But you also have to keep in mind, that Although two dogs are of the same age and breed, by genetics they can mature at different speeds.

There is a small estimate to know when they reach adulthood, according to the type of race:

  • If the dog is from small breed: Reach adulthood between 9 months and one year.
  • If the dog is from medium race: Will reach adulthood between the year or year and a half.
  • If the dog is from large breed: It will reach adulthood at 2 years old
  • If the dog is from giant breed: Will reach adulthood between 2 and a half years or 3 years.

As we can check, The larger the dog breed, the adult stage comes much later.

How do I know if my dog ​​is a small, medium, large or giant breed?

As the scale above reports well, depending on the size of the dog, it will mature sooner or later. In pure dog breeds it is easy to know, but when they are mixtures or mestizos it is something more difficult. We can find out what size dog is according to some things:

  • The ancestry of our dog or the size of their parents.
  • Watching when the growth of our mongrel dog stops We can know its size in an indicative way.

Symptoms and signs that you are already an adult

  • The character: Already He has left his rebellion behind, something more reassured or less destructive is shown.
  • The size: Already will not grow anymore, has stagnated to a degree and is no longer larger.
  • Possible sedentary lifestyle: It may be less agitated or he likes to be more relaxed or lying down.
  • Possibly play with less intensity: Your passion will be somewhat reduced or quite reduced, depending on the dog.

However, there are dogs (like people) They will be more or less mature when they reach adulthood. Everything will depend on the upbringing in his puppy stage, if they have been trained correctly and if they have socialized well.

Adult mature dogs

Adult dog feeding

When a dog reaches maturity, the food must be exchanged for adult dogs (I think and wet food) and no longer give food for puppies, since it is not the same and could have nutritional imbalance. Puppy food and adult food have a different amount of protein and lipids. If they ate puppy food they could easily be overweight.

Do not forget to consult a veterinarian if you have any concerns or concerns.

See you friends of the dogs! ?

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