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What you should know before having a reptile as a pet?

What you should know before having a reptile as a pet - My animals


What you should know before having a reptile as a pet?

Before deciding on a reptile as a pet it is important to fully understand the specific needs of these animals, especially since these creatures are very different from mammals and ‘common sense’ can serve little or nothing to serve them.

Thus, it is important to emphasize that, being the behavior and needs of reptiles so alien to ours, keeping them safe can be difficult for beginners.

You should do a little research to make sure you are prepared to take care of it properly. It is also important that you buy it from an accredited seller. Here are some tasks you should undertake before bringing a reptile home:

Find veterinary care for your reptile

It is important to know that all reptiles are classified as exotic pets. For this reason, it is not the type of animal that a local veterinary clinic will see regularly.

The truth is that most general clinics can only perform very basic exams and problems for exotic pets. In this context it will be imperative that, before taking this step, have a clinic or a veterinarian specialized in reptiles to obtain advice.

Prepare a good home

A habitat is different from a cage. While you may want to have a cage to move your pet, a habitat is your home. The cage prevents the reptile from running through the house. A habitat contains everything the reptile needs to survive. It must have food, water, shelter, a source of heat and some kind of isa landscaping ’. Source: Chitty J. Topics in Medicine and Surgery: hospitalization of birds and reptiles.

Heat and humidity requirements

Reptiles are cold blooded. So, Most of them will need some kind of heat source in their habitat. This can be a heat lamp.

It is important that you make sure you have the heat source set at the right temperature for the type of species you have. Also, keep in mind that it may be necessary to change the temperature throughout the year. Additionally, you will need to know what moisture they require and make sure you have these complementary equipment before bringing your reptile.

Prevent the risk of disease transmission

In Spain it is not possible to legally keep, as pets, any poisonous reptile. However, beyond legality, it is important to know that reptiles can transmit diseases to other reptiles and also to people.

The transmission of pathogenic bacteria such as the Salmonella. For this reason, It is key to have hygiene habits to keep your pet and protect caregivers.

Handle basic information about reptile biology

In nature, Many reptiles and amphibians undergo a process called brumation, which is a type of hibernation induced by colder weather. This process is closely linked to survival in adverse conditions.

In case you intend to use your reptile for reproduction, it is often recommended to induce hibernation. Considering that home hibernation management can be challenging and complex, it is recommended to study the biology of these pets.

Know the reptile’s eating habits

This point is crucial for newbies, as reptiles have very specific feeding requirements, Not always to people’s liking.

Food for a snake.

So, it will be necessary to keep small prey animals alive, before offering them to your pet; you must make them nutritious by administering protein powder. Finally, you will have to clean the bodies; This is an unavoidable part of the property of these types of pets.

It is important to be able to obtain a reliable supply of good quality of the prey with which you will feed your reptile. Equally, you will have to be informed of what and how much the particular species will eat, since all species are different.

It is interesting to know that in captivity most snakes will do well with mice and rats. Other species such as lizards eat insects, but bearded dragons that eat insects also eat fruits and vegetables. There are species such as green iguanas that are strictly herbivorous.

The intelligence of reptiles and amphibians is poorly studied, but some of them can match many birds in learning. Do you want to find out? Read more “

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