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What to do with my dog ​​if I go on a trip?

What to do with my dog ​​if I go on a trip

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What to do with my dog ​​if I go on a trip?

It’s time to go on vacation but we don’t know what are we going to do with our dog We would love to have you come with us, but for one reason or another it is impossible for us to do so.

Then There are several options so that they are not left unattended while we are away, I leave you the 4 best and the simplest!

• Leave it at our house and ask a responsible and trusted family member or friend to take care of it:

Let him go every day and give him clean water and food and have a good time giving him pampering, playing with him and taking him for a walk several times a day, although this can sometimes be uncomfortable for the person, if the holidays are short You can cope well but if the holidays are long it is not recommended because you will feel lonely and sad and may become depressed.

• Leave it at the home of a responsible and trusted family member or friend so you don’t feel lonely and get depressed:

Especially if the holidays are long, and if the dog knows that person much better. It is not recommended that you be with other pets in the other house, unless they have already been together and get along and there are no problems of any kind. That person will take care of him and take him for a walk.

• Leave it in a hotel for dogs or a kindergarten:

If the above options cannot be possible for any reason or because we prefer not to disturb anyone or if we can afford to leave it here, it would be good if the site had the supervision of a veterinarian, that the dogs are well cared for in good facilities and take a walk. We will have the right to see how they carry everything to convince us.

It would be advisable to take it before going on vacation (for a few hours) so that our dog knows the site and to see that you will come back for him, and so next time he will know that you will return.

• Leave it at the vet:

Sometimes they can have an exclusive section of the hotel, but if you are going to be in a small cage and in the same office where other animals are sick, this would not be a good option. We would have to make sure that he would be fine and that he was not in a place that caused him stress and discomfort.

Remember that we must always ensure their well-being ?

Good luck with your dogs!

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