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what the regional law establishes

Anagrafe canina Sicilia


what the regional law establishes

The Region of Sicily regulates the methods and terms of registration of the dog in the territorial canine registry with the LR n. 15/2000. Let’s find out what it establishes.

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The Framework law n. 281/1991 dictates the general principles regarding pets and the prevention of stray animals, establishing, among other things, the obligation for dog owners to proceed with the registration of the animal in theCanine registry; the region Sicily acknowledged these principles with the Regional Law n. 15/2000.

An indented discipline

Driven by cultural change in the area of pets in place in our company, the Legislator intervened, on several occasions, to outline a general regulation of protection against them.

Canine Registry of Lazio
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On this point, the oldest legislation of the legal system is the Framework law n. 281/1991, which is the main source of pets and the prevention of stray animals. The legislation, however, limits itself to enunciating the fundamental principles, leaving the implementation to the Regions, with recourse to their own legislative power.

The result is a highly indented discipline, which varies from region to region; even if the regulatory interventions of these territorial bodies must move within the limits predetermined by the national law, it is possible to appreciate significant differences in the implementation of the regulatory principles of the matter.

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Sicily dog ​​registry: the LR 15/2000

Lombardy Canine Registry
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Among other things, the Framework law n. 281/1991 provides that the Regions are obliged to establish theCanine registry at the municipalities or local health units, also establishing methods and terms with which to proceed with the registration in the aforementioned dog register, with simultaneous inoculation of the chip.

Sicily has established its own canine registry in the veterinary public health area of ​​each local health unit company, with L. R. 15/2000.

In accordance withart. 3 of the aforementioned legislation, whoever owns a dog or holds it for another reason, must provide for the registration of the animal in the aforementioned register, by contacting the territorially competent ASL or freelance veterinarians.

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Registration will take place simultaneously with the inoculation of the microchip to the dog, which identifies the animal and its owner in a unique way, thanks to a 15-digit code.

The chip has the function of facilitating the dog’s recognition operations in the unfortunate hypothesis of loss; at the same time it aims to discourage the commission of the crime of abandoning animals.

Registration must be made within 60 days from the birth of the dog or from the purchase or possession of the same. In accordance withart. 8 the owner is also obliged to report the change of residence or the transfer for any reason of the animal, within 30 days of the event; by 10 am, however, the death or loss must be reported.

Failure to comply with the obligation to register the dog in the Canine Registry of the Sicily Region costs the offender one sanction pecuniary amount ranging from 86 to 520 euros.

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