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What should you consider when hiring a pet sitter?

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What should you consider when hiring a pet sitter?

Sooner or later all pet owners face the need to hire a pet sitter. We can easily verify that, currently, anyone can call himself a professional dog walker or pet sitter.

Our pets have no way of telling us their experience when they are far from us. So, just like choosing the best caregivers for our children, We will do our best to find a qualified, reliable and professional caregiver.

Let’s keep in mind that this person should not only guarantee the welfare and safety of your pet, but also the safety of your home.

What is the best search path to hire a pet sitter?

Many pet sitters rely on their word of mouth reputation to find new clients. So, You can start by evaluating the references you get from friends, neighbors, family, your veterinarian or your dog trainer. These are often the best sources of pet sitters.

Secondly, You can search for ‘pet care services’ in your area. You can do this on social networks.

Ask about the qualifications and training of each candidate

Before hiring a pet sitter, question about past experience, what types of pets have been ordered and if you have completed any special training.

An especially important point is know if the caregiver would feel comfortable handling any special needs or behavior problem of your pet.

If the caregiver has a blog with information about their services, about pets and how to care for them, it is an advantage. And this shows that he really cares about what he does.

Proper communication

It must be specified: How will the pet sitter communicate with you while you are away? Many pet sitters will record daily notes about their pet’s activities, eating habits or mood.

Could also Send you digital photos or daily text messages for continuous information. It is your responsibility to clearly state your wishes about food, medications and emergency contact information.

A point that should not be omitted is the treatment of any emergency situation or eventual need to go to the veterinarian. This includes the contact information of your veterinarian and the nearest 24-hour emergency veterinarian.

Set service rates

It is important that you both know, without a doubt, what is expected of the service and the fees involved, and if you require that you sign a contract. How many visits will occur each day? At what time and for what duration? Will he spend the night at your house?

Will toilet or walk services be included? Will accident and miscellaneous cleaning be included how to take out your trash? You also have to assess the possibility of extra time: would you be willing to extend your schedule until you can get home?

Make sure you clearly understand the caregiver’s fees: do you charge by the hour or by the day? You must be very clear about the duties and responsibilities of the pet sitter before signing the contract and accepting their fees.

Dog trainer

Pet sitter referrals

It is important to ask about your experience in pet care and how long you have exercised this trade. The candidate must provide you with references from previous clients; It is imperative that you communicate with each of them.

Keep in mind to ask previous clients: if they were satisfied, if the pet got along with the caregiver and if they would hire this caregiver again.

Social networks are a good way to inquire about the pro-pets inclination of the hiring candidate: are there photos of pets – yours and others – on your website? Do you see them happy?

See if there is an affinity between your pet and the caretaker

It is important to stop to observe how the caregiver interacts with your dog. Do they seem to know what you are doing and feel comfortable interacting? Does it seem that your pet likes this person? This can be somewhat difficult to observe if your pet is particularly shy.

Hiring a dog sitter is not a trivial process: getting right when hiring a pet sitter will allow you to enjoy your trip knowing that your home and pets are well taken care of while you are away.

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