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What is the undercoat – Let’s talk about Cats

What is the undercoat? -


What is the undercoat – Let’s talk about Cats

Undercoat for cats – Most cats have double fur. The exception is a Rex cat that has curly hair that he doesn’t lose ?
The double layer consists of an outer “protective” layer that is longer and thicker. The bottom layer is very soft and thin. This is an undercoat.

What are their characteristics?

The protective layer is thinner. Undercoat or undercoat looks more like clumps, and when these clumps get tangled in a protective coat of fur, a dense and painful tangle forms – the undercoat ‘felts’. These weaves lie close to the skin and jerk when the animal performs daily activities. The cat’s skin is very delicate and easily irritated, therefore it is not possible to cut out these quilts, because you can easily break its continuity.

Not all cats moult in the same way. Basically, cats that spend all their time outdoors will moult seasonally, and domestic cats will lose excess hair all the time due to the ambient temperature. However, this does not apply to all races. Each time a cat sheds a thick undercoat, it is more likely that its excess will be swallowed by it during care, which can lead to problems and the formation of so-called. fur balls.

For cats with a thick undercoat, brushing the coat surface is not enough. Specialized tools are needed – type FURMINATOR, which will collect the inner part of the cover – undercoat.

In addition, brushing the outer, smooth part with a soft brush improves the condition of the cat’s coat, reduces the occurrence of hair balls, prevents matting of the coat by evenly distributing sebum and reduces the amount of hair throughout the house. However, it is important to brush thoroughly and gently, regularly. By the way, we build a bond with our pet. It is important to get used to the care gradually, so as not to offend him. If we have our cat from kittens, it is worth starting to get used to such treatments from the very first days in our home.

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