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What is the difference between eating cats and dogs


What is the difference between eating cats and dogs

Benefit and harm than dangerous what to do – What to do if a dog sometimes feasts on cat food? This question is usually asked by those people who have both a cat and a dog in the house. Pets can not only imitate each other, but also sometimes steal each other’s food. It’s okay for a dog to occasionally eat some cat food. An alarm should be struck when it has already become a habit. So why can’t you constantly feed your dog cat food?

What is the difference between eating cats and dogs?

Dog and cat canned food only look the same outwardly. The composition of them is completely different. And the point here is not at all the desire of manufacturers to sell as many products as possible. And the fact that dogs and cats are really very different from each other not only in habits, but also in body structure. Therefore, there is a significant difference in their diet.

So, cats adhere to the following rules when eating food:

  1. They prefer to eat exclusively fish and meat.
  2. In their natural habitat, these animals feed themselves as necessary. Without special need they do not hunt.
  3. These predators are distinguished by a long body, respectively, and their intestines are also quite long. Due to this, they can digest large amounts of food at a time.
  4. Prey is always divided equally between the female and the cubs.

Dogs have a slightly different food system:

  1. They eat not only meat, but also vegetables. Dogs enjoy treating themselves with potatoes, cucumbers and carrots. From these products, animals receive all the necessary substances to maintain health.
  2. Wild canines hunt too often. They spend a lot of energy pursuing prey and finding suitable shelter. Therefore, animals do not have time for a long rest to digest food. Therefore, their intestines are of medium length.
  3. In the pack, the leader and his entourage occupy a dominant position. It is they who get most of the booty. The remaining members of the pack have to eat up the rest. Therefore, dogs always eat very greedily and quickly. This rate of eating food is inherent in their nature.

Dogs need a lot of carbohydrate food, while cats need more protein. In addition, a substance such as taurine is independently produced in the dog’s body. A cat can only get it from food.

Pets eat slightly differently than their wild ancestors. Therefore, dogs, especially large ones, eat 1-2 times a day. But at one time they eat a large amount of food. And cats eat 4-5 times a day, but in small portions.

What will be the health consequences of the dog’s internal organs?

If the dog will regularly consume cat food, then he will invariably have health problems. Malnutrition primarily affects internal organs. Feed your pet cat food? Then get ready for the following consequences:

  1. The composition of cat food contains taurine. Its high intake causes heart failure in dogs.
  2. Cat food has a high protein content, which is needed to maintain acidity. Dogs do not need this kind of food, as a too acidic food environment harms their digestive tract. As a result, eating canned food for cats regularly causes heartburn and vomiting in the dog. And then the pet develops gastritis and a stomach ulcer.
  3. For dogs of small breeds, as well as for puppies, the use of dry cat food is undesirable. Since this causes the appearance of urolithiasis and renal failure.
  4. Dogs of decorative breeds cat food is strictly contraindicated. Because they need specialized nutrition. Even if a thoroughbred dog just tries cat food once, it can cause him an allergic shock and, as a result, death from suffocation.
  5. Food for cats is high in protein. A high consumption of protein foods in dogs causes chronic inflammation of the liver and its obesity. As a result, the pet loses his appetite, suffers from constipation and diarrhea. He may begin abdominal dropsy.

What other diseases threaten the dog?

An excess of protein and fats contained in cat food provokes the appearance of diseases such as:

  • obesity;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • otitis;
  • dermatitis;
  • seborrhea.

In addition, an excess of vitamin B, which cats need so much, causes allergies in dogs. In food for cats there is no zinc and vitamin E, since they do not need additional strengthening of immunity. But dogs need these substances. Their absence negatively affects the general condition of the immune system.

If both a dog and a cat live in your house, then make sure that the dog does not steal food from someone else’s bowl. Since this habit can adversely affect his health.

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