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What is the best leash for my dog?

What is the best leash for my dog?


What is the best leash for my dog?

Dog Leashes: Choose the best one for your dog – There are many leashes and dogs too. But How to know which leash is suitable for each dog or situation? Depending on the volume, weight, character and moment, some straps or others are better. Find out which one is right for yours.

Dog belts

Things to keep in mind to choose the dog leash

  • Dog size: Weight and height
  • Dog behavior or character: If it is gross, docile, obedient, aggressive, escapist …
  • What are you going to use the strap for: To train it, educate it or just walk it
  • Belt design: According to your tastes, choice of color or ornaments.

Types of dog leashes according to needs

  • Nylon: For basic training and for daily walks. Lightweight for puppies:
nylon dog leash

Image via

  • Leather: For dogs difficult to control, gross or large. They are very resistant and durable:
leather dogs leash

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  • Extensible or Flexi: For docile, meek, manageable and obedient dogs. Promotes freedom of movement:
Dog Extendable Leash

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  • Cord: For large and very strong dogs. They are light for the owners and are durable:
Leash dog leash

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  • Metallic: For dogs that often bite the leash, such as puppies or dogs that have adopted that behavior:
Metal dog leash

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  • Training or Anti-pulls: For dogs that need to be trained or educated. They are short and resistant. There are nylon or leather. The Anti-pulls are preferable, since there is one that teaches the dog but based on drowning when it is pulled, and if we can train it in another way, the better:
Dog antitirones leash

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Tips and tips

  • It may be convenient to shorten the strap (in nylon) if necessary by surrounding it with your hand.
  • It is not safe to hold the strap with the fingertips, but to surround the wrist and under, grasp it firmly with the hand.
  • If the chain strap is right for you, to choose it you must think about the size of the links. The bigger a dog, the bigger the links should be.
  • Remember to check the carabiners of the strap (of the closure) periodically, as they can deteriorate and it never hurts to see their condition to avoid scares.
  • If your dog associates the leash with bad intentions, you should try to associate it with something good: Rewarding it with gestures, good words and also with prizes or snacks is a good way to start.
  • If it is the first time you walk your dog, try to walk it not too long (unless it behaves well) and in a quiet place preferably.
  • The bigger the dog, the wider the leather leash should be.
  • The short strap, for daily walks, does not give you the slightest freedom.

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