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what he feels, when to do it and what the law says

euthanasia dog cat reads

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what he feels, when to do it and what the law says

The euthanasia of the dog or cat poses questions such as what the pet feels, when to do it, according to the law, and how to deal with mourning.

Euthanasia dog or cat: what the law says and when to do it for your own good (Photo from the web)

The animals, just like humans, are sentient beings, that is I am able to feel pain but also fear, stress and anxiety. This is established by several Italian laws. Consequently, when the animal experiences excessive pain, some owners are faced with the choice of theeuthanasia that is to say suppress your pet.

The veterinarian must obtain the consent of the pet owners, after having correctly and sufficiently informed them, of the diagnostic procedure that is about to be carried out, except in the case of life-saving maneuvers and first aid for the animal.

Euthanasia of dogs, cats and other pets: what the law says and how to behave

Euthanasia or suppression in cats: when and how to do it according to the law (Photo Flickr)

Faced with the option of euthanasia, the veterinarian will therefore have to provide all the necessary information to the pet owners, taking into account the sensitivity and ability to receive the information of the latter in order to make them fully aware of the choice they will make.

Euthanasia or suppression, what are they, is there a difference between the two?

L’euthanasia is recommended by veterinarywho is who he is competent according to the law in the evaluation of animal welfare, according to the laws 281/91 and 189/04, only in cases where l‘Animal has a terminal disease and the body has become addicted to drugs or an incurable disease which does not allow the animal to eat or walk and causes great suffering. Euthanasia in the strict sense is therefore understood in the proper sense of the term (which in Greek means sweet death), as lifting the animal from its sufferings.

There is also another type of euthanasia which is the abolition, which is used instead in the case of certified hazard the animal. In both cases, the animal will be sedated so as to lose consciousness.

It is not always necessary to resort euthanasia. In some cases it can be averted with the implantation of modern prostheses, as in the case of Vito, the first Italian “bionic” cat.

Euthanasia of the dog: must the owner be present?

euthanasia dog owner must assist
Euthanasia of the dog: why the owner must assist (Photo Facebook)

If the choice to resort to euthanasia or not should be discussed with the veterinarian on a case by case basis, what several veterinarians agree on is that the owner is present in the last moments of his pet’s life.

Before losing consciousness, the dog is lost in an unfamiliar environment, in the clinic, and seeks comfort in the presence of the owner. So, although many people choose not to witness euthanasia because it is too painful for them, it is preferable to endure this pain to allow a peaceful death to their dog, who is right to be next to even in this extreme moment. Some vets and clinics provide a service euthanasia at home: in this case the dog will feel less disoriented but will still need the presence of his loved ones.

Euthanasia: What does the animal feel? Does Fido suffer? And how can mourning be worked out afterwards?

euthanasia dog what he feels
Euthanasia in the dog: how it feels and how to process mourning

A phase important is that prior to loss of consciousness. The animal must be in an environment as comfortable as possible and accompanied by friendly faces, who will have to try to show as little anxiety, stress and anguish as possible, so as not to transmit them to them. The dog owner can try to contact a psychologist, often present in the clinics, to better face this moment.

L‘Pet does not experience any kind of pain during euthanasia. After the dog or cat has lost consciousness thanks to the administration of a suitable drug, in the absence of pain they will arrive for them in order‘Cardiorespiratory arrest and then loss of brain function, all in a few minutes.

Mourning the loss of a pet is not always easy to overcome. As for euthanasia, if the decision was made exclusively for the benefit of the dog (and not as it often happened in the past when the animal was killed because the drugs were expensive for him or there was no desire to devote his time to a sick animal), you don’t have to feel guilty: focus on the fact that he has stopped suffering.

You can try to overcome mourning doing something in memory of your dog or cat: dedicating verses to him, planting a tree (there are several sites that help the user to do this) or making a donation. Thinking that some part of your pet is still alive is of great help. If the pain of mourning is unbearable, you can go to a psychologist.

Source: Veterinary mission

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