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What does a Vietnamese or Minipig pig eat?

Qué come un cerdo vietnamita o Minipig


What does a Vietnamese or Minipig pig eat?

Feeding the Vietnamese Minicerdos or pigs – What do I feed a minipig? What does a Vietnamese or Minipig pig eat? These are good questions if you are thinking of having or have a Vietnamese pig or mini pig as a pet. Minipigs or mini-pigs are small pigs, each day more praised as pets in homes. But be very careful in your diet; These little pigs would eat anything you give them. We tell you what foods you should give them and how to feed them correctly.

The mini pig, mini pig or pig teacup, are a variety of domestic pigs that have been modified by the human to achieve small sizes.

The baby mini-pigs

  • At birth they drink mother’s milk, so, if they arrive at our house having a couple of months they should continue drinking milk (lactose free) for a good development of bones and muscles. In addition to milk they can take Yogurt or soft skimmed cheese without lactose.
  • Also give them cooked vegetables, fruits, hydrates, meat and fish. At first, things a little softer and simple to eat and then (after 5 months or so) you can eat almost everything.

What the mini pigs MUST or CAN eat

The mini pigs (and all pigs) They are omnivorous, means that they feed on both animals and plants. But these pigs bred in captivity should be based more on vegetables and cereals, be careful with fats and carbohydrates, because They tend to get fat.

What we should or can give them:

  • Vegetables (lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach, carrot, broccoli, chard … etc)
  • Fruits (apple, pear, orange …)
  • Feed (croquettes) or specific mueslis for pig mascot varieties
  • We can give you some remnants of our food, provided they are healthy and not spiced or spiced, such as: Pasta, rice (better integral), vegetables, salads, bread (preferably whole grain or whole grain)
  • We can give hay, better if it is of good quality
  • We can give them I think (croquettes) for horses, are rich in fiber and low in fat
  • Fish or meat cooked in water or microwave
  • Boiled eggs
  • We can give them milk or yogurt skimmed or semi-skimmed without lactose
  • We can give them legumes occasionally
  • We can give them brown rice and pasta to avoid constipation

What you should NOT eat mini pigs

  • Pastries, sweets, chocolate, sweets, chips or any junk food our It is not good for them and even quite harmful.
  • Onion, especially the raw.
  • I think (croquettes) for farm pigs: This feed is specially created to fatten pigs, so it is not good for our minipig.
  • Food or feed (croquettes) For dogs or cats.
  • Raw meat and fish

How often do I feed my minipig? Meal hours

  • The ideal is to offer the food in 2 or 3 separate daily doses.
  • In each serving you must offer a maximum of 2% of its weight in food. For example, if your pig weighs 15 kg, you should give 150 grams of food in each serving, which includes vegetables, cereals or feed, fruit and some protein.
  • The last ration should be at nightWell, these little pigs they can go hungry anxiety and they can even bother us while we sleep if they stay hungry.


  • Put clean water daily in a bowl or bowl for you to drink. Do not put your water in the sun.
  • Keep your space clean and watch your bowel movement correctly.
  • Play with him and give him pampering and affection.
  • Offer a wide environment where to live and take it out for a walk regularly by natural and safe sites.
  • Notice that he behaves normally and does not show himself sick, apathetic or depressed.
  • Any concerns or suspicions have you that something is wrong, do not hesitate to call or go to the vet sooner.

Good luck with your little pigs! ?

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