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What do I do if my dog ​​does not do his needs?

What do I do if my dog ​​does not do his needs?

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What do I do if my dog ​​does not do his needs?

Canine constipation: What to do if a dog does not defecate?

A dog is constipated when he has difficulty defecating and the stool produced is dry and hard, or does not defecate anything absolutely. They may be one day, two or more days without defecating. We must take the necessary measures the sooner the better and thus avoid something serious.

In this article We explain which dogs are more prone, the health problems it entails constipation if it is not resolved, home remedies and how can we prevent our dog from being constipated.

constipated dogs

Which dogs can suffer more constipation?

Normally dogs suffer more diarrhea than constipation, but any dog ​​can suffer it. The most prone dogs to be constipated are:

  • Puppies
  • Elderly dogs
  • Obese dogs
  • Dogs with anxiety or stress
  • Dogs that don’t drink enough water or fiber
  • Dogs with enlarged prostate
  • Dogs with orthopedic problems
  • Dogs that don’t exercise enough
  • Dogs with side effects to some medication
  • Dogs with neurological disorders
  • Dogs with obstruction after ingesting object, stick, stone …
  • Dogs with blocked anal sacks
  • Dogs with other possible health problems

What happens if canine constipation goes far or is it serious?

If a dog does not defecate in a day or two we should start worrying. If the dog’s constipation is not treated soon, the colon can be filled with a large amount of uncomfortable stool, which can cause unproductive effort, lethargy, loss of appetite and vomiting. Excessive effort to defecate can produce canine hemorrhoids Finally, like humans, if you have not defecated for a long time may need to be operated to remove stool, something nobody wants to happen.

Home remedies and methods to solve constipation in dogs

There are several things we can do. to relieve or remedy canine constipation and also many things to keep in mind so that you have good general health:

  • Malt for dogs. They sell it in supermarkets in the pet section or in pet stores. Regulates digestive disorders and acts as a laxative. On the package they indicate what amount they should be given.
  • Paraffin oil We can find it in pharmacies and it also works for humans. Lubricates the intestinal walls, softens stools and acts as a laxative. 5 ml (teaspoon) per 5 kg of dog’s body weight approximately.
  • Give them wet food occasionally alternating it with the feed or mixing it with the feed.
  • Put more water containers at your disposal for you to drink more. Change your water every day and do not leave it in the sun. We can Buy him a pet fountain. This will encourage you to drink more and therefore improve when defecating to be more hydrated.
  • Give it a good quality feed. The vet can also recommend some good. We must recognize a bad feed when buying it.
  • Take it more for a walk and exercise more. Try to get your dog to move more if he is one of those who is lying for a long time (unless he is very old or has health problems and cannot) or if he is one of those who eat a lot. We can even go jogging with him.
canine constipation

Important tips to keep in mind

  • We must always be aware of whether our dog defecates every day. If we have it in a field or outdoors, we must be clear where it usually does its defecations and be aware of whether it does or not, to keep track of its status.
  • Please, Keep in mind that you should always consult the veterinarian before making any changes to the dog’s diet or medication administration.
  • We must also make sure you are not presenting symptoms of a more serious disease or disorder.
  • The dog must have a regular veterinary follow-up, with vaccines, deworming and revisions.

If you saw that it doesn’t improve, even with these tips, You should go to the vet as soon as possible.

Good luck with your dogs!

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