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What do ducks eat? Ducks and their food

What do ducks eat? Ducks and their food

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What do ducks eat? Ducks and their food

What does a duck eat? What food can we give a duck?

Whether we have ducks or go to a park and want to feed a duck, it is always good to have the knowledge of what foods are good for them and what foods are not. These are the foods we can give to ducks (and those that we can’t).

Ducks in the wild or in the wild

  • In their natural environment they feed on algae, fish, plants, insects, seeds and some pebbles or sand (They need it to grind the food they have in the gizzard).

Domestic ducks or as a pet

  • They must be fed using feed or croquettes for ducks, which are available at veterinarians and bird shops. It is recommended do not give large portions because these feeds are designed to make you fat.
  • They must eat too Vegetables and fruits to get vitamins: Lettuce (preferably Roman), cabbage, cucumber, oats, grapes (cut in half), carrots, apples, peas, seeds for birds (for any bird), alfalfa, banana (not very often), peanuts, beets, peels chopped or crushed eggs (to get calcium), rice, corn, earthworms, boiled egg or boiled fish (to get protein).

Don’t give them bread!

When we go to a park with a pond or with the children for a walk it’s a common mistake Give the ducks bread, because we think it can’t be bad for them. But the bread for them it’s like junk food for us, since it doesn’t contain the nutrients they need. In addition, the bread It makes your water rot much faster and smell worse much sooner.

A diet high in calories and carbohydrates but low in nutrients can cause in the ducks a condition called “angel wing”, in which the last joint of one or both wings is twisted outward, instead of standing straight against the body of the bird, depriving them of the ability to fly. (National Geographic)

If we were to give them some bread, that is very little and better that it be whole grain or whole grain (likewise with any bird). But better, If we go to the park to feed the ducks, bring healthy things like lettuce, carrot or cabbage.

what do ducks eat

What should we NOT give a duck?

  • Sliced ​​or box bread, chips, home-made food (unless safe and suitable for them), spicy or spicy foods, popcorn, any sugary foods such as candy, buns, sweets or soda.
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To have a duck or several you need a lot of space and have outdoor space. The Ducks they need water to swim and as we should know, tend to defecate a lot. In a normal house it is not easy to maintain one.

That’s why we should be responsible and logical when you can have one or more and ensure their well-being. Good luck with the ducklings! ?

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