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What do dogs think about? Here’s how experts respond

what dogs think


What do dogs think about? Here’s how experts respond

Have you ever wondered what your dog thinks, maybe while you are playing or eating? Experts explain to us what dogs really think.

What do dogs think about? Expert answers (Pixabay photo)

It is known that dogs they are very intelligent animals, but have you ever wondered during the day what happens in their head? Maybe when I trust he decides to listen to you or not, or when they decide how to face an obstacle or an acquaintance with another dog, what really goes into his head?

Some Education can answer these questions. Let’s see below dogs what they think about during their days.

What do dogs really think about?

dog thinks
What do dogs really think about? (photo Pixabay)

First of all, it must be recognized that dogs are intelligent and as such, they can also to think. According to a Michigan scientist, dogs they have a level of knowledge equal to a 3-5-year-old child so they surely realize everything around them.

Consequently, the dog brain works a lot and also thinks a lot. Here are some studies by scientists who demonstrate what dogs think in specific situations.

What dogs think when they see owners

Thanks to a study, some scientists have been able to observe that i dogs when they think of their owners are happy. In fact, leaving some dogs to smell their master’s scent, they realized that their “reward center” of the brain was active.

In addition, it has also been shown that the brains of dogs are in tune with those of their owners, for this reason they are good at comforting them.

Dogs love owners as much as food

Teach the dog not to ask for food
(Photo Unsplash)

A neuroscientist from Emory University verified through an experiment whether dogs love food more or the pampering of the owners.

On one occasion a hot dog was offered to the dogs and on another occasion, they were offered pampering. The doctor and his specialists have found that most dogs responded equally to both situations. Hence the conclusion that dogs love you at least as much as food.

The brains of dogs recognize faces

Who was not surprised that your dog or a friend’s dog recognizes you on arrival? In part it could happen because fido recognizes your smell, but according to a study, the dog could recognize yours to face.

In fact, Dr. Berns, showing dogs various objects and faces, found that the brain of our four-legged friends recognizes faces in a very natural way.

Dogs can be selfless

Some scientists conducted an experiment to see if i dogs were unselfish. In fact, two dogs divided into two different cages, in one there was the lever that distributed the food in the cage of the other.

They observed that if the two dogs knew each other, the levered dog was happy to offer food to his friend. While if the two did not know each other, the dog with the lever would have offered food to the other dog.

The dog experiences emotions but does not feel guilty

dog pee
The dog experiences emotions but does not feel guilty

Dogs are known to experience emotions such as joy, excitement, fear, anger, but do not feel guilt, shame and pride. Even though you may find yourself trusting with your head down and a sad face when you punish him for something bad he has done, it does not mean that the dog feels guilty for what he has done.

In fact, scientists have noticed that both dogs that have really done something wrong, and dogs that only seem to have behaved badly, behave in the same way, that is huddling, without thinking about the reason for punishment.

This shows that dogs do not feel guilty, but they link punishment simply only to certain situations.

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