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What do dogs do alone at home? Crazy behavior and not only of Fido

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What do dogs do alone at home? Crazy behavior and not only of Fido

If we have chores or children to look after, even having a dog the challenge is greater. Leaving dogs alone at home is a concern, sometimes it fills us with sadness and guilt, but what does Fido do alone?

The dog alone at home: how does it behave? (Photo Pexels)

As much as it saddens us or makes us feel guilty, it is often necessary to leave our dog alone for a while in the house. Maybe for a quick commission, to go shopping, or to go to work, we have no way of staying with him. But how do dogs behave alone at home? Do they spite, get sad, resurface in their primordial behavior or invite friends for a wild party? Let’s see what are the strangest (and not) habits of our friends when nobody controls them.

Loneliness and boredom for Fido

sad puppy Facebook
A sad puppy, why only at home? (Photo Facebook)

Whether we are away for a couple of hours at most, or we are away from home for an eight-hour shift for the whole day, for our dogs alone at home what matters is the lack of us humans. Maybe it took us hours to put the house in place and make it perfectly clean and tidy, and on our return we find a surprise from our furry-based mess and mess.

But actually Fido is the first to give us one of the main reasons for stress in all this, because as much as we lecture him, or get angry, or try to explain to him that it is not done, his only answer will be that innocent and empty look of the type “but why, what did I do?”.

Dogs are social animals, which have always lived in groups. Obviously when they are at home as pets, their group and family are humans. The dog alone in the house can easily get bored and feel alone. Here then some behaviors are unleashed in him / her while he finds something to do to have fun even without us.

He becomes sad because he is left alone

The sad beagle (Pixabay Photo)
The sad beagle (Pixabay Photo)

We always remember that dogs love us even more than we love them. We could be around for work, for business or for fun, we could give him orders and try to make him obey our rules, but the dog will never criticize us. When we leave him alone for hours, he misses us.

At the beginning there may be moments of violent protest, but when he starts to notice the solitude in an evident way, he gives up and accepts our inevitable lack. Loneliness in the life of dogs can have negative repercussions such as continuous barking, howling, anxiety, making needs at home, chewing objects within their reach.

Turns the kitchen upside down

mistreatment on dog animals
A sad dog prepares to spite at home (Photo Pixabay)

After the first moment of rebellion, our furry friend realizes he really wants to eat something. So the moment of exploration begins, to look for the best baby food to put on your stomach, and what better place to look if not the kitchen? Here begins the revolution, and Fido begins to overturn every remote corner of the kitchen, perhaps even managing to open some doors or overturning containers too close to your paw.

Smell all the spices, eat the cereals and flour if you can reach them. But everything he doesn’t like is left alone, obviously only after a little taste. We therefore recommend leaving something chewable before leaving, as if it were a expendable bait, for example easily accessible dog biscuits, in order to distract our furry from the rest of the food.

Chaos continues to rage

dog eats garbage
The dog rummages in the garbage and eats garbage (Photo iStock)

Hunger is perhaps satisfied, but there is still no one to spend time with, to receive pampering from or to play with. Our puppy feels more neglected than ever, and anger is released in the house, perhaps right in the kitchen. There is no way to save our home from the anger of our furry friend if he decides to let off steam. Maybe he destroys everything he finds in his path, he overturns the garbage can, so that we can find a stinking surprise when we return!

He rests in our bed

Dog in the hotel
The dog takes possession of our bed (Photo Pixabay)

Once the fire of anger is released, the dog is exhausted and disturbed by the alarming level of silence. At this point, understanding that there is no need to try to reach us or contact us, it is better to devote yourself to rest. And what better place than the bed of us humans, where does our smell find that can relax like Fido never before? When we are present, perhaps the fear of a lecture prevents the dog from getting on the bed, but for dogs alone at home there is no one who can stop them.

Now the bed is all for him / her, indeed it doesn’t really belong to humans anymore, it’s all his! Let’s not be surprised then, on returning, to find small nail marks on the pillow or the blankets, Fido needs to have some fun. An excellent way to avoid this damage is to leave some toys around the house, to relieve stress.

When boredom takes over

The sad dog (Pixabay photo)
The sad dog (Pixabay photo)

Sleeping in the long run can also be boring, and our dog now needs some new stimulation to eliminate the monotony and pain of parting from us. Separation anxiety cannot be considered disobedient behavior, it is a real disorder that must be managed in the best way.

For a pet, his master cannot be replaced in any way. We could also ask a neighbor or relative for help to make him present in our place when needed, or leave the dog at a friend’s house or in a boarding house if we really have no other way. Another alternative is to keep various dog toys around the house, in various places known to him in order to keep him a bit busy.

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